i was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 21/12/12, and been on lethyroxine 75m since, recent blood test shows normal but i still feel unwell

i feel tired constantly like i havent slept although sleeping 8-10hours a night. i feel emotional and as though i have a hangover without the consumption of alcohol,i also have constant puffy eyes. can anybody advise if this is normal and should i give the medication time

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  • What is probably not normal is your TSH result as many GP's say we are in the 'normal' range rather than asking how well we feel. If you get a copy of your most recent thyroid gland blood test results complete with the ranges (as labs differ). You are entitled to your results. If you haven't had a recent one ask for another as you aren't feeling well and also ask for iron, ferritin, folate, Vit B12 and Vit D as they are very important. Post results in a new question.

  • doctor did mention my folic acid was low, but wasnt giving me tablets for this, i will ring for the results thanks

  • For low folic acid you can get it through diet. If prescribed folic acid they have to check your B12 first as can mask B12 problems.

  • Make sure your TSH is below 2. You may find it takes a while to get better.

  • Hi you need all above but especially Free T3 ,you might benefit from T3 on a script + thyroxine ( T4 )it usually helps weight and lowers the TSH.

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