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I had a recent thyroid come back as 4.3 was told normal but feel terrible

I am normally an energetic 37 year old woman running round after my two boys and running my own business, but over last few months I have just list all my energy

I went to the dr's a couple of weeks ago when I started getting shooting pains in my chest (thought was having heart attack) thankfully I wasn't

Blood tests were taken, I was told I was slightly low in iron and borderline on my thyroid test which came back at 4.3 they said would not do anything about this. I'll be honest I burst inyo tears begging them to help me as having constant tiredness, pains in my left breast and underarm as well as lower back on one side and have had a lump on my left side of neck for a number of months

Another blood test was done tho time checking my vitamin D level. Next day I had a call from receptionist saying I am deficient and need to take vitamin d3 at 1000iu per day, I found out my results were 34nmol/l which I believe is 12ng. I have since heard this is very low and that I should be on more from other patients but Dr doesn't think so

I am starting to wonder if my thyroid results could have something to do with the low vitamin D?

Drs don't seem to like us googling for answers but don't seem to be getting anywhere with Dr who seems to think my pains are anxiety related? I pointed out I am anxious because ai don't feel well and think being taken seriously:-/ I'm based in UK

Please could anyone give me any advise? I'm also worried because Cancer is strong in my family and my sister was diagnosed with very bad case of crohns two years ago

Please help and thanks in advance

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Isitme, I think there's little doubt you're hypothyroid and your GP is waiting until your TSH is >5 to make a diagnosis. When you have your next thyroid test have it done as early as possible in the morning when TSH is highest.

Low ferritin, vitaminD, B12 and folate are common in the months/year prior to a hypothyroid diagnosis. You might return to your GP and ask for B12 and folate to be tested as they don't consider you to be hypothyroid yet you feel so ill.

Ferritin is optimally 70-90 so supplement with something like ferrous fumarate and take it with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

Low VitaminD can make you feel very unwell and 1,000iu daily is going to take forever to correct it. My sister is prescribed 20,000iu twice weekly to correct vitD 45. You can buy it OTC from healthfood stores and on Amazon. I take 5,000iu daily to maintain my levels after I was deficient in the winter.

Doctors don't like Dr. Google because it often exposes their complete ignorance about the clinical symptoms of thyroid disease. If they don't like it they need to up their game and inform themselves the way their undiagnosed and unwell patients have to.


Truthfully, you are much more on the mark than your doctor. They use depression or anxiety as excuses not to treat your thyroid. I think this has been going on for fifty years and it is time to stop. The U.S. has suggested 4,000 i.u. for vitamin D daily requirement so how are you going to raise your level with 1,000?

Of course, he does not want you to learn all the information that has been discovered in the last 20 years. From what I have read here at TUK, you have a fight on your hands if you want good treatment.

I trust this website and other recommendations that have been made here.


Thank God for Dr Google, otherwise where would we be? I think I would have been buried by now. Instead I am well thanks to

Your GP has not taken into account any clinical symptoms you have (they don't know them). They only diagnose by the TSH! and in the USA with a TSH of 3 you would have treatment. It is worse in the UK as the BTA says you shouldn't have treatment till TSH is 10 athough some GPs will prescribe if you have symptoms.

This is also an informative link:

Also what our USA sufferers think about the BTA.


If you can afford a private consultation, email who has a list of sympathetic doctors.

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With a TSH of 4.3 you are hypothyroid. No doubt.

Doctors love to blame things on anxiety! You could do what I did...Dr said it was all in my head so I got referred to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist listened to me when I told him I'm hypothyroid and gave me T3!

I was also having abnormal smear tests when I was hypo for 2 years. Guess what.. as soon as I was treated (with T4 and T3), my smear tests were normal. So I can understand why you are worried. Hypo means having a weakened immune system.

Madness!! The UK is probably one of the worst places in the western world for being diagnosed with Hypo!

But there are ways round it.

BTW I take 5000iu of Vit D3 a day.


Hi I'm Karen 9 yr ago I was diagnosis with an overactive thyroid, I had server symptoms,,sweats,shaking,tremors n feeling totally just left me until my levels returned to wat they said was normal,,it took me 12/14 wks to recover and I lost 2 stone in my horror last year I started with the symptoms again,I had moved fm my other docs as I felt they did not look after me,as I was left for all those wks without any care also I developed ( ME,CFS) and av suffered with this since 2006..I made an appointment with the doc,,explained my symptoms and the fact iv suffered with this before she took blood and the results came bk as overactive again,,but again no treatment,,waited six wks for more bloods''came bk overactive again,,and also I was pre- menopausal,, so now the docs concentrating on the menuapause,,give me colecalciferol vit D 20000 caps coz I was defiant,,made no difference to my muscle/joint pain,,sum days I cannot walk for pain,,in pain all the time,,given paracetamol/ dihydrocodine,,beta blockers,,been bk n fourth to the docs for the last year,,for the last six months docs tried me on 3 diff kinds of antidepressants,,every one of them gave me terrible side affects''dizzy spells,,tinnitus really bad) loud buzzing in my head,,confusion,I don't drink alcohol but it felt like I'd drank 2 bottles of wine',teribble hangover like symptoms,,suppose wat I'm saying is we have to persist with buggin the doc ,,like u cancer is strong in my family too,,lost my dad to it,,lost my mum to moto neuron,,,Iv not ad much luck with docs just don't listern to wat I'm telling them,,bk to the surgery tomoro more bloods,,keep bugging ur doc like me,,we don't attend the docs for nothing,,I'm now totally sick of this bk n fourth,,I have no quality of life anymore..but docs don't care,,wat happened to patient care¡¡¡¡hope u can sort it with ur doc ,,push them or get a second opinion,,,good luck :-) Karen


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