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blood test results look normal but I still feel ill


I'm glad I found this site - I don't feel as though I'm going mad.

I was diagnosed as hypo about a year ago and put on Levothyroxine (currently 100 mcg) but still feel tired and achy, get brain fog, itchy ears, etc. Antibody test also came back positive.

I had a blood test 2 weeks ago and the results are:

TSH - 0.53

FT4 - 19.3

FT3 - 4.8

Cortisol - 388

Prolactin - 369

B12 - 250

Everything looks normal but I really don't feel it.

Any ideas about where I can go from here? Can anyone recommend a good endo in the north of England?



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I am no expert at all but from using this forum I would say you need to increase your b12 it is lower end, try one that dissolves under the tongue, take solgar methylcobalamin b12.

Can't comment 0n the other results as I haven't got a clue :-)

C x


Lare is right your B12 is too low it is at the lower end of the range. You cannot overdose on Vit B12 as excess is excreted through urine.

When you post your blood test results always try to give the ranges as labs differ throughout the country for some reason, so it makes it easier to comment.

After you have supplemented with B12 for a few months and you don't feel better, you may have to have an increase in meds, although the GP may not want to do so. Dr Toft ex of the British Thyroid Association says that some need a suppressed TSH and/or the addition of T3 to feel better.


Thanks both of you. I've taken a late lunch break to go to the health shop.

Point taken re. reference ranges. My current GP doesn't given them, even on print outs, but I'll ask in future.


Hi The B12 may well be too low. The FT3 at a guess, as you must have the ranges, ask for them, if FT3 is the common range, you could well benefit from some T3 and may be slightly less T4 ( Script)Also have the other autoimmune ,hormonal common tests.

You should feel better if treatment right for you.

Best wishes,


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Your B12 is definitely too low imo. I would urge you to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor before taking any supplements, as they will skew any future blood tests you have done. Do some research, Pernicious Anaemia Society website is a good place to start. You can have further testing done - Active B12, MMA, homocysteine - but you might need to do this privately. Your doctor might be prepared to do antibody tests - anti intrinsic factor and anti parietal cells. I have Graves disease and a B12 deficiency which was diagnosed by the MMA test, I have thyroid antibodies and parietal cell antibodies. My serum B12 level was about 300. I hope this helps, find out as much as you can before seeing your GP and hold off on those supplements if you can.


Also meant to say have you had folate and ferritin (iron stores) levels checked? Low folate often comes hand in hand with low B12, mine was very low. Also I think B12/folate deficiency causes enlarged red blood cells, and iron anaemia causes small ones. So on routine blood work if you have both types they can cancel each other out and all looks normal. That's why the ferritin check is a good idea. I would reiterate again please discuss all this with your doctor before taking any supplements. Good luck.


Thanks hampster1; that's fantastic.

My folate and ferritin were tested and my GP thinks they're fine. Fortunately he's very approachable and you've definitely given me a lot of things to discuss with him.

Thanks again for your help.


It's great you have a good relationship with your GP, but please indulge the cynic in me by finding out what your actual numbers were for folate and ferritin, and the ranges. As with B12, it's not great to be in the lower end of the range for all these things, if you want to regain your health (don't we all)? Hope you find some answers :-)


I'm glad you were cynical. I went to the GP to ask for my results and reference ranges and ferritin wasn't tested after all.

B12 is 250 (172 - 1162)

Folate is 6.7 (4.3 - 18.7)

My potassium levels looks on the high side at 5.1 (3.5 - 5.2), urea looks lowish at 2.5 (2.3 - 7), and MCHC has consistently been low over the last 12 months and now outside the range: 31.6 (32 - 36).

I've left a message for my GP to ask whether he has any objection to me taking the supplements lare73 recommended above.

Thanks again for your help.


Starting to get out of my depth but I think a low MCHC might indicate iron anaemia? Get that ferrittin level checked if you can. I certainly think your B12 and folate could use action. If you read any of my other posts you'll see I'm not in favour of self treating - you need a proper diagnosis. Would still recommend the Pernicious Anaemia Society Forum, they're great at interpreting confusing lab results.


There are many links that might help you find useful information.


Thanks Heloise. Definitely some useful information there.


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