I have come up with a TSH reading of 10.48. Is it a case of Hypothyroidism, although I have none of the symptoms?

Just to emphasise a bit more about myself, the tests were done as a part of the routine check up by my cardiologist. I have had a RBBB for the last 8-10 years and I never had any other troubles ever. Although the last ECG pointed out normal sinus rhythm and left axis deviation with RBBB. Is that a bit of a worry??? Getting back to my other tests, my immunology reports have come up with Vitamin D25 Hydroxy as 29.09 ng/ml and my FreeT4 as .91 ng/dl. Please suggest as I am getting more and more worried....

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  • Hi There is a close relationship between thyroid and heart. I am surprised that the cardio did not refer you to an endo. This is the norm under these circumstance. Both thyroid and vit D ( hormonal) and many other things should in your case be looked after by an endo. Make sure they are very good, large teaching hospital is mostly best. They will also test for other surrounding things that can go with thyroid. You could ask the GP to refer you but it would be better from the cardio ( tertiary)Vit D is important but should only be given ( best on a script) after a test to check calcium is in range. This is very important as it is an electrolyte and must always be in range, it is effected by taking vit D.

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  • They (specialists) no longer refer direct to other specialists, they report back to the GP with a possible recommendation to refer if necessary. It is left up to the GP to then refer to Endo or whoever. At least thats the way its done here and was in Scotland too.

  • Original Poster is not in the UK - I have no idea what is done on the other side of the world.

  • You can ignore this post too, I didnt know you wernt UK

  • Hi fedupsusie, Interesting. I have always had tertiary referrals until quite recently. Another consultant had mentioned that they are reluctant to now because it is yo do with their own funding! Every thing seems to be cost.A tertiary referral was always so much better. In that case, it is even more important to have copies of all hospital etc letters as you can never rely on a GP doing what they are asked to do!!


  • As Jackie has said, heart problems are common with thyroid disorders. Treat the thyroid disorder and the heart usually sorts itself out, (unless you do also have a non-thyroid caused problem).

    Have you been told to go back to your GP ? I would have thought they would want to start you on Levo asap, and with such low T4 would agree that an Endo referral is appropriate.

  • Hi Susie,

    Not sure what basis you are saying his T4 is so low.

    In the UK we (almost universally) use units of pmol/L for Free T4 - he quotes a result in ng/dl and does not supply a reference range.

    I grabbed a random FT4 range expressed in the same units as the poster:

    normal range 0.6-1.6 ng/dL

    But as we know FT4 ranges vary dramatically so that really does not give much basis for saying it is so very low. Or anything else! It might be but we are falling into a trap if we assume so.

    Elevated TSH does suggest low thyroid hormone but it is not the only possible reason - ranging from test interference through pituitary oddity.

  • Sorry never noticed the different units. I was totally unaware the poster was even from a different country until you posted under my other post, and wrongly assumed that it was the standard units we use in this country.

    I shant delete my posts, incase it makes the thread look weird, but agree that my post should be ignored.

    (I think I'll give up posting, I cant seem to read properly at the moment anyway, and am doing nothing but putting my foot in it)

  • << think I'll give up posting, I cant seem to read properly at the moment anyway, >>

    Ugh I know the feeling and can empathise. I never really knew what 'good days and bad days' meant until thyroid fell over totally. Maybe have a day doing something completely different would help.

  • Having a more bad days than good days at the moment, but wioll take your advice, and go out to the garden as its sunny :)

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