I have had symptoms of this for some time, recently they have worsened. I have put on two stone over the past two months despite watching my diet and excercising. I have recently had a problem with a rash and bruising to my legs. I was seen by a dermatologist who says my ~ANA test is showing as positive although my gp still states that my thyroid is fine because of my tsh results. My symptoms include fatigue (sometimes i could sleep all day and still get up feeling tired) itching skin all ove my body (although the rash has cleared) weight gain despite watching my diet, painful and swollen knees and pain in my jaw and neck/shoulders. I could go on but feel like all i do is moan. Is it possible that i have a problem with my thyroid and if so how do i get the gp to listen to me??

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  • Absolutely

    My husband was well into myxodeama madness with a TSH of 2.9

    our daughter was also diagnosed with hashimotos and hypothyroid when her TSH was 2.9

    Its symptoms and Antibodies and T4 and T3 that must also be done along with ferritin,folate,cholesterol,vitd3,b12 and magnesium

    with all those tests the classic picture of hypothyroid /hashimotos emerges

  • Is your GP looking into Lupus? Any autoimmune disease can have thyroid problems trotting alongside it. Do you have any migraines or anything like that. Also if you ANA shows a positive that is indicative of autoimmune disease, and if it exhibits a speckled pattern that can indicate mixed connective tissue disease. Strange bruising can be a symptom of low platelets which can crop up as thrombocytopenia - and can particularly happen with Lupus and also Hughes Syndrome/APS. Sjogrens can also be very problematic also. MaryF

  • This is a link as well as interpretation of blood test for TFT:-



  • Definitely sounds as though you need a higher dose. See if you can buy Dr Toft's book on thyroid, which is accepted by GPs. He talks about TSH needing to be below a certain figure and it is def below 2.95. Until you have got the right dose, I would not think you need to worry about all the other possibilities, as your strange ailments will probably all improve. Being hypo affects every part of us.

  • Have you ever had a vitamin B12 test? If you are low on that it can cause these kind of symptoms too. Also Vitamin D, Ferritin and Iron. These vitamins/minerals not only cause symptoms in their own right if you are deficient, but also help your body use the (probably small) amount of Thyroxine your poor tired thyroid is producing, so you need to be well up in the ranges, not just inside the bottom of the normal range.

  • It certainly is. As other posters have said, you need the full picture before a proper diagnosis can be given.

  • If your ANA test is showing positive then its likely you have an autoimmune disease so you definitely need more tests done! Some of your symptoms could be due to Lupus which is a well known one but you need to have more antibodies tested. I've found that taking someone with me to the gp's makes them take me more seriously, you could try that or just try another GP. Its important you do investigate this though because its not fair that you have to feel like this every day and you don't want to risk any complications due to you not being treated. Good luck

  • hi your post exactly describes me btu my TSH was 3.2.havent seen a dermatologist and my gp wont listen to me as he says tsh is in range so booked to see another gp(nightmares since January =thyroid)

  • From experience yes! When I first became hypothyroid I didn't even reach the end of their range of norms..I think 0.5 to 5.0..I felt dreadful and could not do much..I also gained weight rapidly...I think I may have been like around 4.0....In the usa they have new guidelines, that are much better I think, and the range is like 0.5-3.0...Once I get over 3.0 Im dragging my butt...I had a doctor that went along with me on this, but she has moved away. The new guy (Man) might be a problem...

    Only you know how you really feel, and they need to listen to that! Not everyone is the same...

    They also said in the study with the new guidelines in the USA, that means so many more are likely hypothyroid...

  • ps/depending on what the pattern of your ANA looks like etc...and other tests, you might have another autoimmune thing too,,ie": lupus or sjorgens..etc....years after the thyroid thing in my early 40's....now in my mid 50's, Im suppose to have mild lupus...

  • Thank you all for your posts it is very much appreciated i am not sure my gp will listen i feel like they think imaging iy

  • With a positive ANA they really have no excuse not to listen, Tracy. As others have said, that's indicative of an autoimmune disease such as lupus - and with your mention of a rash I'd say that that should be the first thing they investigate. Have you been referred to a rheumatologist? It was a rheumatologist who tested me for both lupus and sjogren's syndrome - in my case, I wasn't found to have either of these.

    I can't comment much about the thyroid connection though - I'm new to all this and trying to get my head round it myself. But I'd definitely ask your doctor to further investigate the positive ANA result by referring you to a rheumatologist. If s/he says no they won't investigate further, then I reckon you need another doctor!

  • Thanks caroline

    The dermatologist tested me for rrheumatoid arthritis and they said the test was negative

  • Hi Tracy. That was probably just the rheumatoid factor they tested for. If you have positive ANA then you need testing for lupus and probably Sjogren's too. I'd definitely recommend you speak to your doctor about this. I think s/he is being negligent in not testing you for lupus at least if you have positive ANA.

  • Hi All. Well guess what!! Been back to gp today with all my evidence and she refused to do any further tests says my tsh is in range at 2.95 so no need for further tests despite my symptoms. I have asked for all my blood results which she has told me i can collect tomorrow

    She has suggested i get back in touch with the dermatologist who told me about the positive ANA blood test but dont see what she will do?? Where do i go from here??

  • Internet shopping??

    Sorry it was a rubbish appointment though. X

  • Not sure what youre saying harry

  • If your GP won't help, as mine didn't, you might just have to do it yourself. I would start with Dr Peatfield's book, and get your own treatment regime sorted out. My TSH was 3.3 when first tested, went up to 4 and if I hadn't treated myself I would be very ill indeed by now.

  • Thanks ill take a look at that

  • Isn't there another GP at the practice you can see? Yours seems very dismissive and disinterested.

  • Now got all my bloods from the gp. Dont know what to do with them now though. Only done my tsh no t3 or t4, tests done? Dr referrex me back to dermatologist god knows why and dermatologist saying nothing to do with her so stuck in limbo meanwhile im well ****__ off cos ive got on scales and im still gaini ng this is just not right

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