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More advice pleaae

Hey, sorry to bother you guys again but more advice needed. I got the list of private docs in my area and was totally shocked at the cost. Unfortunately totally out of the questio at the moment. We just do not have the money. So, I am going to write to my gp as I canno

Speak properly due to brain fog. My tsh is 3.76 (range 0.5 - 5.5). T3 #4.2 and t4 is 14. My go says all ok. B12 is 300 and vit d . My gp again says all normal but I deel all my numbers are borderline and because my symptoms so bad I would benefit from treatment. I have bought b12 and vit d supplements but wonser if I should pay for an adrenal stress test as well. I know something is wrong. But what do you think. Am I mad or do I have a case. My gp said he doesnt know what to do about me.

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If you were in the USA you would definitely be prescribed with a TSH of 3. If you possibly can get the ranges that go with your figures for T3 and T4 it makes it easier for people to comment due to the fact that labs differ in their ranges.

Your B12 is too low at 300 although it is in the normal range and I would recommend you buy Methylcobalamin lozenges or spray. I got mine from Amazon and if you book through they will get a very small commision. What is your figure for Vit D? as that is important too and you can supplement but it must be Vit D3.

The fact that your GP is ignoring your symptoms is due to the fact of the guidelines.

You are joining the Club where we try and support one another but it is huge learning curve and we could practically take a degree.

This is a link with a video of two sufferers who went to the Scottish Parliament and hopefully something will come out of it.

If it is possible maybe a change of GP maybe result in some meds due to your symptoms.

This is a link re B12.


I wouldn't bother with an adrenal stress test, with results of a raised tsh, they are going to be stressed no matter what.

Give them some support with lots of vitMin C, plenty of B vits.

And if your doctor doesnT know how to deal with you, he could take the module provided by pulse magazine, which will count towards his CPD points. You can get a copy by writing to admin on here...... ( Louise). He could Also read dt tofts book, understanding thyroid, available from amazon and in chemists..... Or he could refer you to an endocrinologist. He could even join this forum, we would be happy to educate him.

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what is the the module from Pulse Magazine ?



Thanks for your support. I'll save my money. I've bought vt d3 and b12 supplements and am drinking orange juice and eating oranges and blueberries. I tried to get dr toft book yesterday but none of chemist s in my town had it so ordered off amazon. Will ask for pulse article too and then compose my letter. Had a bad day , terrible brain fog and itchy eyes but in a strange way it has motivated me. I am determined to ger well. Was also inspired by the ladies in tge scottish petition video. Makes my symptoms seem insignificant.


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