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Can anyone tell me what these blood results show?

I was told by my doctor that my bloods showed a lower level than normal, therefore being an under active thyroid however they wanted me to have a blood test in 2 months before any medication is given out. Im feeling worse now and am really struggling. Im head achy, lethargic and feel terrible. I have an appointment tomorrow to ask if there's any way i can have any medication now. My results were , TSH 1.19 AND T4 6.3. Everywhere i look seem to give different ranges, so please any advice would be greatly appreciated. ( My surgery couldn't tell me the ranges that the lab use)

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I think we do really need those ranges I'm afraid. Your T4 would be very low by my lab's range (12-22), but they do vary so much. If your T4 is really low then I would have expected your TSH to be higher. In fact low TSH and low FT4 I think may indicate secondary hypothyroidism, which is caused by your pituitary gland not producing enough TSH. Treatment is the same as primary hypothyroidism though - thyroid hormone replacement.

If you ask your GP which lab they use then you could either ring or google the lab to get the ranges. xx


Clarebear's answer is adviseable.


I think your T4 is low by any range. I'm in agreement with Clarebear too, that your TSH is low for someone with such a low T4. I have secondary hypothyroidism (I think) because my TSH is always low even when my T4 is low.

The treatment is the same whether it is primary or secondary, but your GP would need to be aware not to dose according to TSH, but according to T4.

You do really need treatment now. You don't have enough thyroid hormone so it needs to be replaced. I hope it goes well with your GP

Carolyn x


Many thanks for your support, i have read about secondary hypothyroidism and thought it may be the case, i just hope my doctor agrees to give me some medication, as i really cant cope much more feeling so bad. Its so nice to have your support as this is all new to me,

Many thanks



You really will feel better, Laura, when you get treatment. I was ill over about 5 years before I was diagnosed, and the symptoms are so like clinical depression. I know therefore how terrible you feel, but 'hold on'. It definitely will get better, but you must have treatment now, not in two months' time.

Jean x


Always ask for a print-out of your blood test results from now on. They should have the ranges printed on them too (the figures are in brackets).


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