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Could someone please tell me if these results are ok?

I had blood tests done and these were the results, with ranges in brackets:

TSH 0.9 (0.27- 4.20)

FreeT3 4.7 (3.1 - 6.8)

FreeT4 17.3 (12.0 - 22..0)

I just wondered if this was good? I do feel much better than I did before where my TSH was 3.6 in September last year. I now have more good days than bad, instead of the other way round.

My Iron levels are all good, but not yet been tested for VitD as they didn't have enough blood, so have to have that done next week.

I do still get very achey feet and ankles most days though

It would just be good to have some feedback from people on here :-)


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Hi - glad to hear that you are feeling alot better. I think there is scope for another increase - as your ft3 and ft4 are not close to the top of the range, and your TSH can halve and still be in range. Hopfelly your doctor will be ok to do this? xx


Thank you for your answer Clare. So Should I ask to be increased to 175mg Levo, I'm currently on 150mg? As I say my worst problem now is the achy feet, I am still a bit forgetful and foggy brained too at times. But i'm just not sure what the best I can hope for is, if that makes sense?


Hi I always need my FT3 to be at the top of range, however, unless seeing an good Endo doubt the GP would do this on that TSH result. The other hormonal tests, mostly autoimmune vita. D, ( calcium test if needs treating), b12 and Foliates, diabetes and Ferritin /iron. Most have similar symptoms to thyroid disease.and of course, effect it.

Best wishes,



You might need a bit of an increase but I would get the Vit D tested first as when my Vit D was low I had severe pain in my feet and legs. Vit D also helps the thyroid work so you might not need an increase if it turns out your Vit D is low.


You could ask for a trial increase to 175mcg or 150/175mcg every other day, and see how it goes.

It may be though that what you actually need is the addition of some T3, but as doctors are much more relcutant to prescribe that, definitely worth trying an increase in thyroxine first. xx


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