can you pinch an inch?

can you pinch an inch?

OK I'd forgotten about this, it works for me and I was wondering if others find this to be true (some did a while back) I was reminded from another member's post (and this is just my thoughts as I'm no scientist or doctor, just curious).

I believe it's not fat but myxoedema, from extra mucin and Hyaluronic acid in the connective tissue (I even see the latter advertised for healthy wrinkle-free skin - ha!) see wiki...

It's an old fashioned test for an old fashioned disease, some areas can't be pinched e.g. the upper arm. Link to other post & video....

Another link re. Dr W Ord's discovery (he's also on Wiki)

Please be careful as others WILL try to make sure they can pinch you and sneakily resort to fingernails (especially if you have successfully pinched them first!) J :D

[picture is Adam & Eve, would you believe the snake's nickname was 'pinch me'?]

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  • Oooo! Interesting....

    I just tried that. I have quite fat upper arms but I cannot pinch that "fat"! It's like all the stuff under the skin is solid rather than fat (completely different feeling from pinching my husbands fat, not that he has much!). And it hurts too! Is this maybe why my legs are so huge in comparison to the rest of me? I can't pinch them either. Solid as a rock and I can tell you it isn't all muscle!

    It looks like I still have a way to go to find my correct dose. I'm up to 3.5 grains and, although I feel better than on my 125mcg of levo, I'm beginning to wonder if NDT is working for me.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards :)

    Carolyn x

  • I wonder if Hypo or Hyper folks get rid of Mucin & Hyaluronic acid when optimally treated? I didn't want to mention the disproportionate thighs, as embarrassed & always blamed ballet as a teenager! (about time that disappeared!) however I do have a small waist, and correct fitting clothes are tricky to find! xx

  • I'm exactly the same! Trousers and skirts are a nightmare! I have huge hips and thighs but small waist. The "fat" on my thighs and upper arms hurts to touch and always has over the last few years.

    I didn't have any of this when I was on T3. The weight came off in "chunks" of 6 or 7lb at a time every few weeks. I'm hoping I will lose this fluid or whatever once I'm properly dosed.

  • Quote: "I didn't have any of this when I was on T3."

    There could be a reason for this. You may have an issue known as 'Wilsons Syndrome' where RT3 hormone is produced for a prolonged period of time. You can find out more by doing a Google for RT3 and Wilsons Syndrome.

    In brief, T4 is converted into dominating amount of RT3 'Reverse T3' instead of T3. When RT3 is produced it naturally prevents T3 from binding to T3 receptors in the cells. It is best to look at the T3/RT3 hormone as a key and the receptor as a lock. This is because RT3 is a biologic mirror image of T3 that is inert/inactive which is produced to slow metabolism and conserve energy for short periods. This is a normal process and part of the fight or flight mechanism.

    However if stress is prolonged or the body is stressed in some way such as starvation it is possible for RT3 production to continue even after the stressor has gone. This is especially possible in people who has ancestors whom have experienced famine (American Indian, Irish etc.) or other significant stressors for a prolonged timeframe. or When RT3 blocks T3 receptors it will eventually result in hypothyroid symptoms if production is prolonged.

    The reason a T3 supplement can reverse or reset this process... T4 is converted into the more active T3 hormone or into RT3 in this case.

    When sufficient T3 is readily available in the blood the pituitary gland tells the thyroid gland to reduce T4 production. As T4 becomes less available there is less available to be converted into RT3. As RT3 production reduces and T3 supplementation is increased T3 becomes more dominant and finds it way to T3 receptors before RT3 does. Since T3 is being supplemented T4 production is not necessary and without T4, RT3 can not be produced. Eventually RT3 stops being produced and then T3 can be reduced allowing T4 to be produced. At this stage it is hopeful that the RT3 process has been reset and T4 is now being converted into T3 instead of RT3. If all is well the T3 supplementation can be stopped.

    I hope this helps as a possible explanation.

  • I have just tried this and can't pinch anything on my upper arms (but could pinch a meter on my tummy). I'm not sure how good a test this is though as I think I am pretty well if not slightly over-medicated. Blood test tomorrow so will see :D xx

  • no, I'm not saying it's accurate, but interesting hence the blog, but doctors used to have callipers to measure something? (didn't you get the Stethoscope & stuff in your dress up doctor/nurse kit bag? lol) x

  • er that sounded a bit weird, sorry, I meant as a child. :D

  • They now think callipers are for measuring body FAT! Don't think they have any idea about myxoedema. For them, if it's larger than it 'should' be, then it's fat! End of.

  • Oh good luck Clarebear for tomorrow, look forward to the test results.

  • Thanks - hopefully will get in on Wednesday. Although if last time is anything to go by they won't want to give it to me over the phone and will want me to speak to a doctor as the results will look odd due to the Armour :D

  • I too cannot pinch my arms or legs my husband was amazed.As they are quite big drinking lots of water is supposed to help apparently :-)

  • Spareribs your last comment made me laugh...

  • Good! laughter Is the best medicine! testing the 'pinch theory' gives me an excuse for a giggle too! x

  • I think there was an advert for a slimming aid years ago which said that if you can 'pinch an inch' you were too fat.

  • It was Special K!!



  • I did think twice with the title, that it was just if you could pinch really - just shows how adverts get into the subconscious! (and it rhymes!) 30 years later!

    seriously, when did we start thinking eating cereals were good for us? When we were told to, I suspect. What happened to 'go to work on an egg' ?


    For the record, sorry folks, pigs are fed cereal to get fatter, quicker.

    Just my thoughts, and from what I have actually seen. Jane x

  • Interesting that link about Dr Ord. In the list of symptoms that make 'the diagnosis of hypothyroidism obvious' (what?), it mentions 'marked dental problems'. Eureka!!!! I've been saying that for years and am treated like an idiot. Of course low thyroid will cause problems with teeth, how could anyone doubt it! Except, that is, doctors and dentists...

  • I can feel the most frightful of games coming on today! MaryF x

  • What a revelation. Thanks so much for the blog. Now, BIG problem --- how do we rid ourselves of this myxoedema? What causes it? (I'll google it) I do know that T4 (for me) gave me fat deposits -thighs are disgusting - apart from all the other things. T4 also depletes muscle tone, weakens muscles and joints. The best medication is the one that works best for the patient. It is very clear from this site that very few thyroid sufferers are on the right medication..

    I read somewhere too, that adrenal fatigue "bulks" the body - form of self preservation I suppose. That won't help anything else.

  • Have a look at my post above! It might help you understand why T4 seems to be causing the fat deposits etc...

  • So thats why I get swelling around my ankles, the bottom of my legs and my wrists and fingers - thank you for this info - im learning all the time. Best, Kath x

  • Mmm will look into this later.

    Anyone still have a swollen tongue? I feel that mine has only reduced very slightly since being fully medicated. Hate hate hate it!

  • I didn't realise that was a symptom. Is that why I keep biting my tongue and cheeks? I'm sure my cheeks are much fatter than they used to be, mostly on the inside but also a bit on the outside :)

  • That's the one Louise although a bit before my time !! - Thanks, Jax

  • did you see how thin the woman is in that special k advert,i saw no sign of a muffin top,but the bloke looked abit of a doughnut!!!.

  • Brilliant post - thanks.

  • Do you know if this nasty stuff goes away once you are optimally medicated? I'm assuming it does. I'm fairly sure I had it before I was diagnosed and it went away with T3 (I was a nice slim size 8-10 on T3; add another 10 to both those numbers now though!)

    I also wonder if this is why I have so many cysts on my arms and legs (where I have most of my mucin) as there are very many different forms of mucin-type oedemas. Interesting....

  • Carolyn, you mention cysts are these on the surface or under the skin? reason for asking is I have lots of subcutaneous lumps which run down my legs along tendons I think, and to touch them they are so painful, each feels as if there is a shard of glass in them. Over the years have been spreading. Are your cysts like that? Do you know possible cause please?

  • I'm afraid I don't know a cause but I suspect mine are thyroid related as they appeared after developing hypothyroidism. Mine are like part of the skin. Most of the lump is below the surface but they move with the skin rather than moving around under the skin.

    I'm sorry I can't help, but perhaps you can get a referral to a dermatologist, especially as they are painful.

  • Have a look at my post above! It might help you understand why things changed when you stopped taking T3...

  • I have swelling/fat/odema all over; legs, stomach, bottom, etc even my tounge, which has teeth marks down the side. Its more like I'm a fully inflated tyre, no loose skin, even my face looks like i've had botox. the doc in a&e said i looked really good for my age, and healthy! !. It would be wonderful if only I didnt feel so rough.

  • I does worry me tho' that 'Hyaluronic acid' is being promoted by cosmetic companies and health food shops to help stop wrinkles....

    'Hyaluronic Acid products are available in a capsule with Vitamin C, as well as in a face cream. Give your skin a treat with one of our Hyaluronic Acid products.' eek! x

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