Graham Norton - Maggie Smith

I didn't realise...


In January 1988, she was diagnosed with Graves' disease, for which she underwent radiotherapy and optical surgery.

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The Guardian has posted an interview with her. Poor Maggie:

The 80-year-old is about to have a hip replacement operation and suffers from glaucoma in one eye.

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  • Why did you mention Graham Norton in the title?

  • Sorry for confusing - she was actually on screen on the Graham Norton Show as I typed the post.

  • Oh I see. I never watch Graham Norton. Not because I don't find him funny, but I rarely watch TV after about 10pm.

  • ah... she has slightly bulgy eyes....... that would explain it........


  • hi helvella, yes I saw the, well listened while I was playing a bubble game! I hadn't realised Maggie Smith had had that, and she looked well tonight I thought compared to her role in Downton! wish I was ready for bed at 10 going through another cant eat can't sleep phase again.

    I'm taking 50mcg Levo a day now, again apart from my last flare? when I self experimented taking none and then went back on 100 mcg Levo, which sorted that out. O e thing I did notice back on the 100 was that the dry itchy skin was back with a vengeance and my toes were very painful in my shoes. middle Joints on L foot curling up in middle.

    been on 50mcg for two weeks or so, and in general feeling better, except for the appetite. it's weird how things change , I call it my good days and bad days! This week my whole moral has been better after the meal and dance I helped with. I got home at 5am! a friend took to me to buy some winter pansies, and to thenRubbish tip with my big garden sack of weeds and leaves, then we st outside the cafe in the sunshine for a couple of hours, just talking and having our drinks. I was amazed I didn't feel cold at all - when I've spent most of summer feeling cold, and having a fire on in evenings.

    I still have my days of frustration and stress, but do think I have done the right thing for me, by cutting out the other meds, and am amazed I do seem better on the 50, less hair loss and skin not as scaly and itchy. With so many other conditions that have and do affect me, it's difficult to know what belongs to what. I red-misted one day, when the social was here, not At her personally but trying to get my UK bank to talk to her after me, especially as I'd passed all the security Checks. I don't normally swear, but I let loose with all my venom - he spoke to her then cos she had to take phone from me

    Normally it's me and those on Headway forum saying things like that, but the Thyroid and Thyroxin seems to me to be the more important bit to look after, so I'm not always sure what symptom is mixed up with what condition or if both affect both. I'm still convinced that the there is a link through everything because of the autoimmunity diagnosed only this year.

    Got till med Dec to wait for next blood test, TSH only! and no more specialists to see till next year - just wIting to hear about the full health check and to see if or when I'm called in and if there'll be any follow ups from it?

  • I wish I was ready for bed at 10pm too. After I turn the TV off at that time I go on my PC and play games, read forums, post on forums, read the news, stay up till far too late...

  • You know if you go on your computer or tablet late at night it'll keep you awake. It's something to do with the 'blue' light they emit, your body thinks it's daylight / morning. Doesn't apply to phones though - so I'm told!

    You're supposed to have at least 2 hours of non blue light before trying to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ...someone once posted here about a download - which allows the computer to recognise timing as to where in the world you are and the light from the screen changes. I managed to do it ! It was some time ago....

  • I have it installed on my work PC. And, now that it is dark before leaving, I am finding it very pleasant. You don't have to take their settings - there are adjustments you can make.

  • I had no idea about this programme - downloaded it, thanks.

  • I just downloaded it too. Thank you so much for the info. Can't wait for nightfall, LOL...

  • It's PINK!

  • Have you noticed how the mouse pointer remains blue-ish? :-)

  • I hadn't will look out for it. This is really cool!

  • Thanks for the info. I'll try it tomorrow.

  • Thanks for that link, Helvella. I have now downloaded this app as I am up most nights till at least three am and often till five am.

  • I'm not up that late, I'm lucky if I fall asleep by2-3 though, even though I'm tucked up trying to sleep, I find talking from the TV (volume v low) works for me. then I'm awake again within couple of hours, tv goes off automatically after a time period I can set. also an iPad is all I have and can adjust screen brilliance myself. I also make sure I turn the wifi off on the pad and Also the router, that helps stops the literal brain trembles. There is a lot of wifi in my village, especially with the school right opposite me. about 60 ft away!

  • Me too... 😒

  • I get confused with all my symptoms as well SAMBS.

    I always blame everything on thyroid meds but in my case this really isn't always so ... but I'm learning.

    It is good you can experiment to found your best functioning dose & being warm shows that something is working. Don't forget symptoms may lag 6 weeks behind good biochemistry ... that's why it's so good to record symptoms & dose changes.

    Let's hope your improvements continue and we all have a few more days when it's warm enough to sit outside of a cafe & enjoy.


  • We are all in school together here....and I really like my classmates x

    Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend x

  • some may find this interesting..and his others as well---

  • yes, on this re-read, I have been thinking about the 6 weeks I've seen mentioned often, Ido seem to react quite quickly to meds though, one of the reasons I came off everything else last year, I knew it might take a while for the liver to detox itself, but my brain did start functioning better in quite a short time. Brain fog disappeared, speech speed has definitely improved (those were symptoms after brain haemorrhage) and people have commented I speak faster than before. I am still inclined to put most things down to either known physical/neural effects of BI which only improved after stopping the GP meds, they were never recommended by surgeon consultant, after hospital discharge.

  • I wonder what meds Maggie Smith takes? I love Graham Norton show, to late for me though!

  • iPlayer... :-)

  • I read that about her quite a while ago and once I had read it I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before, it is quite obvious really.

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