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Blood test Results - anyone got any ideas ?

Hi All,

I saw my endo a few weeks ago and have now received my test results in the post. I thought someone might be able to make a bit more sense of them than me the Hospital said they are fine!

TSH 0.62 - range 0.35 - 5

Free T4 19.4 - range 9-24

ALP - 137 - range 30-130 - high

CRP - 31 - range less than 10 - high

Neutrophils - 8.2 - range 2.0-7.5 - high

Mean Platelet volume 6.9 - range 7.5 -9.0 - low

MCH 25.6 - range 26-35 low

ESR 35 range 1-30 - high

Calcium is in range 2.27 - range 2.10 -2.60

white cell count 10.68 range 4-11

All they have said is they want to check CRP in a few months.

To be honest my TSH is under 1 for me that is good and I feel well. Ok my feet are always cold all year round now and I have diverticulits and IBS but I can cope with them. I just dont eat foods that upset it. In fact I dont eat much just wish i could get the weight off a bit quicker.

Any info welcome

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Hi The thyroid looks fine , if you feel OK but it would be better still to have a Free T3 test too. It is the corrected calcium that counts, assuming this is which is good.Why has he not done vit D, Ferritin and B12 and Folic acid.? A good endo always does.As far as the cold goes, I have lot of conditions that make me freezing, even in summer. However, I have found that the worst cause is definitely my Diabetes, first symptom I had. You need 2 blood tests for this. If GP will not do it, they should ,it may not be obvious,you could be slim etc., I am so not so obvious, then go to a good pharmacy for a rough indication and ask for a BM,it is free. Makes sure you have fasted ( food and drink) for at least 2 hours before.Result under 6 ideal but depending what you have eaten ,it may be Ok up to 10. I hope this gives you some thoughts.Oh yes, the ESR is infection but even at that considered OK with other conditions or even if nothing known. It should be tested again in 6 months to make sure. and should have come down then.If the endo is worried he would have written to you, make sure his secretary always sends you copies of his letters to the GP.



Hi Jackie Thanks for all the info I am to have tests again at the end of March before I see the Endo this time so that will help.


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