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A few days ago I received a lovely letter from GIVE a CAR telling me that they would be sending a cheque for £108.50 to Thyroid UK.

Thyroid UK receives no government funding and relies entirely on fundraising activities and gifts etc. to pay for all of the projects in which Lyn and Lou are involved every day for the benefit of you, everyone on this site and indeed all those suffering from thyroid disease everywhere.

I had my Dad's 12 year old mobility scooter sitting in my garage. It was like new but my efforts to sell it had come to nothing. When Lou alerted us to GIVE a CAR I phoned them and the process could not have been easier.

A car transporter arrived to pick up the scooter and within minutes it was on its way, and soon after it was auctioned off.

GIVE a CAR can accept almost any metal time in any condition including flat screen televisions, mobility scooters, ride-on lawnmowers, tumble dryers, mountain bikes, lorries, computers and even a silver plated saxophone, as well as cars of course.

So if you have any of these items that you want to unload and feel that you want to help Thyroid UK perhaps give some thought to contacting GIVE a CAR on and they will come along and pick them up. It REALLY is very, very straightforward.

Good luck and thank you,

Jane x

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Thank you Janeb, will book mark this one. Much appreciated. wyn


Thank you so much to Jane and the 2 other people who have so far donated via Giveacar, they have raised £302 between them.





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