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Help..not again!


i was diagnosed hypo in dec 11 and my TSH was 19.7 then.i was unwell and it took a good 8 months to get some partner was also doing well with his cancer and asked me to marry him.We did this last dec on my 49th birthday after i went on the hairy bikers diet and also started to run again.The horrid weight i had gained came off steadliy and i went from 11 2 at my worst to today 9 5.I was feeling great until a few weeks ago...My bloods were done dc 6th and were normal..7 but something is now really going off key.My hair is falling out and feeling very dry,my skin is flaky,my lovely nails are soft again but its the weird cold thing going on with my hands that scares me.I get cold unrealistcaslly fast and then my hands go into spasm and two fingers and thumb go white and numb!

it hurts and i dont like it.

I bet the docs are reluctant to do my bloods as they are not due until dec and i am unsure if its something else like Raynards..

The auto immune stuff in the family is Hypo me and a cousin

Pernicious aneamia my auntie(grandad had that and diabetes now deceased)

Rheumatoid athritis-my mum

i think i should do an endocrinologist apoinment and find out whats going on but i bet they wont let me

advice welcome as i will have to try and see GP next week inbetween working 2 jobs

ps my current dose of thyroxine is 75 mg taken at night

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Jayne they sound very much like hypo symptoms. Did you get a copy of these 'normal' results in Dec? I think that's the first thing to do if you haven't got them, along with reference ranges used in blood test. I also think 75mg of levo sounds quite low. It may simply be that you need an increase. I would ask GP to test your iron, full blood count and B12/VitD too. I'm unsure how they test for reynauds but my mother has athritis and had the white numb hands.


yes they do sound like my hypo symptoms but the numb hands are weird....they do cold tests to see as its very weird..they say normal and in dec it was .7 and has been static since may 11....i had my b12 done that was very healthy well it was in sept when i asked for it....i can recognise them this time but i bet i have to fight to get bloods as im not due i asked for the ref ranges last time to be told they were well under the ref range!

so tiring fighting isnt it x


Hi It could be all the things connected to thyroid often. Diabetes, vit D, ferritin B12 and folic acid. They would make the thyroid seem worse. The over riding thing is as stated you need your results with ranges and make sure you have had a Free T3 test, this sound a lot like low FT3 and it also lowers the tSH on T3 treatment. If this not possible have a private test through TUK, bloods , blue Horizon are well known , their thyroid test,Intermediate covers the 3 most important thyroid tests.If bad show to GP.



Hi meant to say the cold hands, if feet too could be Raynaulds but most of us prefer not to have treatment for it. If cold all over it may be diabetes, auto immune, hormonal so goes with thyroid often.


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thanks Jackie will do got gp appointment at 5pm x


Sometimes you need to have an increase in meds but GP's are apt to say "normal range" when our TSH should be 1 or below, and sometimes even suppressed to make us feel well.



same GP who did my initial Hypo results in dec 11....well your resulSt were normal in dec under 1.This means something else is affecting your body so we need to do all these bloods ok?..yes!

tomorrow i have too go to Hemel hospital and have HAEMOGLOBIN






My circulation she is convinced is Raynauds so lets feeling awful and i know work wont be supportive as you cant see it and its the second time..also working locum so extra hours is so difficult right now.

So lets see whats happening now eh? x