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Could this be Hashis?

From time to time my throat and neck glands are mega sore ...I don't have cold or flu symptoms but I do feel very cold and can't seem to generate any heat. Are there any Hashis people here who have similar? My muscles really ache as well. Last year I asked the GP for an antibody test and afterwards was told that it was normal. when I asked for the result/range the receptionist said that there were no actual figures recorded this common practice ? 2 yrs ago I had a positive ANA result from the hospital re allergy testing but GP said not important .....everything else negative. I feel really rubbish so if anyone has any ideas I'de be grateful.

Thanks Dogtired

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Hi dogtired, sorry to hear you're feeling so bad.

The only way to diagnose Hashi's is by antibody tests. I cannot imagine what the receptionist meant by saying that there were no actual figures recorded! If she didn't have any figures, how did she know the results were normal? I think she was just fobbing you off. Try asking the doctor about it.

Have you had all the other thyroid tests? Have you been told you're hypo? Are you on any treatment?

Hugs, Grey


Thanks Grey.....I've had TSH tests for 2 yrs every 6 months since I started on adrenal glandulars. Tsh went down to under 1 but at the last test it was 2.64 so it's on it's way up to the original 3.92 again. Dr P at the time did not think thyroid was a problem......unfortunately he doesn't visit this neck of the woods anymore and he's a bit difficult to get hold of on the phone.

I'll try the GP again......they tend to blame the labs for not doing T4/T3 tests saying they're not necessary....Oy Vey!


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