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Supplement with no iodine and good supply of selenium

Hi everyone, I've been struggling to find a good multivitamin with no iodine. Hurrah! Struck gold with something that is v reasonable and also has Siberian ginseng and selenium - all good for us hypos with hashi. It's not new, it's been around for ages from a v reputable co but its aimed at men so I never thought to look at it before. Pm me if you want the name as I'm not sure you can post actual names of things! They also do a good vit d3 in emulsified liquid much cheaper than other brands. Not sure if I shoud have put this in blogs or questions but was excited and wanted to share! Ps deff not selling something or promoting etc.

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Perfectly OK to post names if not intended as spam. And am sure you are not promoting it!

It is about anything with commercial intent or about getting hold of prescription medicines that we have rules.


Ok great! Thanks for letting me know Rod.

It is called Maleforte by Biocare and is just under £10. I've always been impressed with this company and their standards plus you can call them and speak to a highly trained nutritionist who will help with choosing things. I've been using solgars vit d3 which is around a tenner as I have low levels and have just found out biocare do a great version that has 1000ius in one drop so better value in long run.


Format is rubbish, but this seems to be what it claims:

IngredientAmountProviding% EC RDA

Vitamin C163.5mg 204

Siberian Ginseng100mg(Eleutherococcus senticosus)-

Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5)80mg 1333

Vitamin E 60iu40mg(natural source) alpha tocopherol equivalents333

Potassium28mg 1

Grapeseed Extract25mg(Vitaflavan®)-

Zinc17.1mg 171

Magnesium16mg 4

Beta Carotene4mg6667i.u (providing 667mcg retinol equivalents)-

Lycopene3.75mg -

Folic Acid400mcg 200

Chromium200mcg 500

Selenium200mcg 364


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