Iodine in Multi Vit and Minerals

After posting last week regarding a good multi vit and mineral supplement someone suggested one without iodine.

I just wanted to confirm, is it still advisable not to take Iodine if we are hypo?

also a lot of the multi's have copper in them, I have never had my copper tested (G.P. said they cannot do it as it's a specialist test) so I am not sure if it advisable to take copper or not.

Any advice gratefully received.

Thank you browny

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Browny, one should get the necessary iodine from Levothyroxine without needing additional iodine supplementation. Multi-vits, although generally claiming to have the RDA percentages of vitamins and minerals don't usually have sufficient to correct deficiencies. I doubt the level of copper in a multi vit is excessive.

Thanks Clutter,

I was thinking of taking a Multi vit mineral along with my usual supplements,

Iron Vit C B12 B - Complex and Vit D or do you think it is not necessary to take it if I am taking these.

Browny, I don't quite see the point if the multi-vit has the same vits/mins as those you are already taking.

I was just thinking they have other things in the multi's like zinc, magnesium, selenium etc. which I am not taking so thought they may help if I am low in any of them.

Browny, yes that should be helpful as you aren't already supplementing them.

Are there any multi vits without iodine? It is in Healthspan and Solgars products.

Hi Treepie

Someone suggested Viridean, they do one without iodine but it is for over 65's not sure if the age matters but maybe worth a look.

Thank you Browny, I will check it out .At 70 next sounds just right!

Here I was thinking if you were about 20 you might have been offended by the over 65.

Wish I was 20 again! Had a look at it : no iodine. Noticed that the younger folks product has boron in it - not sure about that?


I wish I was 20 again too.

Iodine is an important supplement and most hypo's are deficient. Why would you want a multi without it? Iodine deficiency has been linked to hairloss many hypo patients suffer with.

Hashimoto's sufferers may initiate a flare by taking iodine and considering 90% of hypothyroid patients start off with Hashimoto's in the US the same could be true here. It's basically like throwing petrol on the fire and trust me if you are swinging from hypo to hyper regularly you don't want to add to the problem!

So damned if we do and damned if we don't. Sigh....

No, not really. We just all should use a smidge of caution with whatever interventions we try. Only add one thing to your regime at a time and make sure to note any side effects as you do. Any supplement that can bacome toxic should really be tested via a blood test to make sure we're not doing more harm than good. I know this isn't always possible but it doesn't take much to watch your reactions to things :)

Hope his helps!

Ah well yes, that makes sense. I am hypo but never tested for Hashi's which I now suspect and will request the two antibodies tests when I drawn blood for GP in two weeks.

I have no eyelashes to speak of and want them to return. So I've been researching on what nutrients will help. Iodine was one.

I will be careful. :)

Tesco Women's Health multi-vitamins and minerals do not have iodine in them. Readily available and reasonably priced. I sourced this as I have GD and didn't want to take extra iodine but wanted good levels of other minerals and vitamins to supplement my diet. I always thought the advice was to take iodine in supplements if you are hypo and to avoid it if you are hyper. The only dietary advice my endo gave me for GD was to avoid kelp which contains lots of iodine!


Many thanks for your reply, I was of the understanding iodine was not to be taken if hypo. I think there is a lot of info. some saying take it, others saying not, so the advice in the mean time is to avoid until it has been proven to be O.K.

I will look at the Tesco Multi thank you.

Best wishes browny

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