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Recently diagnosed, Is this normal?

Hi everyone, this is the first time I have ever written a blog eek! I have been diagnosed 6 weeks ago with hyperthyroidism, after a recent visit to a/e with a racing pulse rate. Started on propranolol and carbimazole. Had an ultrasound to confirm i have a multi nodular toxic goitre. My free t4 responded well and was back in upper in of range within a month, my tsh remained at 0.02. The last two weeks I have been feeling awful, one day I can sleep all night and then have to go back to bed for the day too and other times I am lucky to get 2-3 hours. I am hot, clammy and excessively sweating in the morning but freezing cold in the evenings. My periods have always been regular as clockwork now have reappeared 10 days early! My Endo didn't really explain anything to me, Is what I am experiencing normal? Any comments gratefully received

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Welcome to our forum.

This is a link re hyperthyroidism:

I have hypo but some who have hyper will reply to your post.

These conditions aren't really explained to us by the medical profession so that's why it is good to have a site such as this.


Hi Coulson,

Yes it is normal - although when the weather warms up you'll just be hot all the time. bleeding endlessly or hardly having periods at all is the norm. The general population doesnt generally understand thyroid disorders so having somewhere to ask questions and get support is really useful. My recommendation would be to join some facebook support groups, look for hyperthyroid or graves disease forums. Although you don't have graves they too have and understand hyperthyroid symptoms. Some more info about being hyperthyroid here:


Hi, I am new to the site and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 3 months ago. I was started on the same meds as you and began getting so tired but also having trouble sleeping through the night. New blood test results showed my thyroid is now overactive and I have vitamin d deficiency. I would definitely have your blood tested again for correct levels and vitamin d. Hope it is all ok and you start feeling more yourself soon.


Hi Leighma, if you were diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 3 months ago, then your thyroid was overactive then too


Hiya, I'm still trying to get used to the terms. I was overactive and am now underactive. Meds reduced by two thirds and waiting for them to kick in. Definitely worth having vit d checked though.


Thankyou, have another blood test next week so will see if I can get vit d added to it, I am a control freak at heart so I think that's why I am finding it difficult accepting the differing symptoms!lol am on facebook so will see what I can find on there too :)



I have Graves but still hyper and on carbimazole.

Yep your periods will change and you will be either boiling hot or freezing. Exhaustion and stress is a definite problem too. You need to get and keep all your blood results and try to insist on TSH, T4 and T3 values especially as you have a toxic goitre. Plus also push for vitamin D, B12, iron/folate levels and calcium levels to be checked regularly.

Try to rest as mush as possible and when in bed try to keep your bedroom cool and use thin layers for bedding. if sweating is a problem then lie on a towel.

Also do not be surprised if you get really upset or angry and snap at every one. Very normal at this time. Don't expect people to understand your illness and then you won't be disappointed when they do not. Write down your symptoms if possible and take with you to endos.

Also you can expect joint pain, stiffness and loads of other stuff such as problems with your eyes.

Good luck Bev


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Hi Coulson 71,

I have Graves so hyperactive too. For me everything seemed to speed up as your metabolism will be very high. Symptoms vary I think with people - I had shaking hands, very thin, couldn't sit still and always had a drink of something in my hand at work(not alcohol) - had to but didn't know why. I found it hard to wait in a cue so would leave things behind and couldn't wait to get out of the store, raced everywhere couldn't slow down - walked fast (but I didn't notice it thought I was normal!!)

You'll be OK - be patient as it takes a while to settle meds etc. Can gain weight as this is so important - you're likely to have been wearing your body out for a long time so enjoy it but it might not feel like you. Your body is healing and rectifying itself. My clothes didn't fit while I was being treated to start with then I was at a great weight and for years. I felt a million times better when treated and couldn't understand the difference treatment made. I was calmer, took my time and enjoyed people more - not dashing everywhere and it wasn't in my nature to be blunt or snap and this all went too. I changed alot and found myself. Knowing what you have is GREAT as not knowing is very stressful and stress is not good. Treatment will help you be your best you so dont worry and my life changed for the better. You are normal - this condition can be a challenge but as long as you know this you will be OK.

Hope this helps



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