3 weeks post TT is this normal?

I have already posted some questions and received some very helpful responses but I'm startingto feel a bit desperate as i still feel so awful. TT 3 weeks ago as a result of unstable Hashimotos. have had a couple of days where i feel a bit better then this is followed by a bad day. Is it normal to feel this way and to feel 'up and down' being without thyroid and on a stable dose of thyroxine? Going to ask Endo if he will do an early blood test but would love to hear from others who can may be offer some reassurance.

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  • 3 weeks is still very early and I remember feeling reasonably ok initially but then needed an increase in thyroxine at about a month. You don't say what dose you are on. Also 3 weeks is very early after any surgery and it can take a while to bounce back after an anaesthetic.

  • I'm 3 months post tt. 3 weeks is still early days. It may be worth asking for a full blood count too, in case you are anaemic or having calcium problems as well as thyroid profile. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Currently taking calcium and have had this checked so feel it's prob more down to levo dose which has been increased from 100mg pre op to 150mg post op. I know 3 weeks is early days but i seem to be feeling worse as the days go by to the point that I'm hardly functioning. Honestly thought i would be back to work by now as no-one said it could be like this. Finding it hard to cope at the moment.

    Good to hear that you are well.

  • Hmm definitely go back to the doctor ASAP - the general trend should be that you feel better each day, not worse! Hope you can feel well soon. It could be that you need more levothyroxine.

  • Have an urgent appt with an endo at 9.00am in the morning so hopefully this will provide some answers. not nice as now as everything i eat is now going straight through me (sorry!). May be I am over replaced.

    Best wishes

  • Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how you get on xxx

  • Has your vitamin D been checked? I take calcium too following my TT but needed extra vitamin D on top of that contained in the calcium supplements. My vitamin B12 was also very low and I have been told that anyone who has had a TT should be taking supplements. Also some people cannot tolerate 50mcg increases in replacement so perhaps your increases need to be smaller. I have had to increase very very slowly. I really hope you start to feel better soon.

  • I have managed to get an urgent appt with an Endo in the morning as this is just not right. Feel like i'm dying so hopefully bloods will reveal the problem.

    Thanks for your good wishes Deb .

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