Do I have thyroid problems or am I going crazy!!!

Hi it's the first time I have been in this but am really looking for here it goes.....about 4 weeks now I have felt first my symptoms where lightheaded an feeling tired...I went to the doctors and they put it down to aniexty. As the weeks have passed I have got so Much worse. 2 weeks ago I had what I thought was a panic attack but felt like I was going to pass out and my vision went blurred and I found it hard to focus. I went to doctors they said I had high blood pressure and to keep an eye on it. 5 days later same thing happened but my vision did not go blurred. I took myself to hospital they done ecg etc that was fine and checked my blood pressure which wAs high again so they put it down to high blood pressure and aniexty.

I had a blood pressure monitor on for 48 hours the past 2 days and it or checked every hour and it seemed pretty normal. Am waiting on blood results I have to ring this Friday. My symptoms at the minute I cannot deal with.

Lightheaded/dizziness....feel foggy headed and sometimes when I turn my head it feels like slow motion.

Always get very hot easily and sweaty palms.

All I want to do is sleep if I don't sleep I feel worse. (Can't just sleep as I have 2 kids). Headaches but not so much pain it is more like a tension feeling at the back of my head like numbness feeling.

Loss of appetite. Feel sick. And sometimes I feel like when am in the room with people am not actually there if that makes any sense. I hear my heart throbbing in my head and my right ear. When I feel am going to pass out my hearing in right ear goes funny. I can e very shaky at times to. Sorry for the essay but I am really looking for advice I feel like am going crazy and all this thinking I don't think helps the situation

Help someone please


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  • Sounds as if you are very LOW in Ferritin - Folate - B12 and VitD. All these need to be OPTIMAl for thyroid hormones to work and for you to feel well. You could be anaemic.

    If you have had your thyroid tested then do share your results with ranges for people to comment.

    Are you taking any other meds ?

    Your symptoms could be Low thyroid - Low B12 - Low Iron ....

    In addition to the above tests you will also need thorough testing for the Thyroid and not just the TSH - this will mean you having to go privately through Thyroid UK ....

    Keep reading and asking questions and people here will have you well in no time :-) You can learn a great deal from the above website so do have a good look around - especially at the signs and symptoms.

  • Hi Marz...I take Virginians for low iron and fatigue every morning and at the minute I am taking propranolol fir my aniexty. So the next step is waiting on blood results on Friday. It sounds silly I hope they do say it's to do with thyroids atleast j will have an answer.

  • Vitamins that should of said

  • Which ones are you taking and how much ??

  • They are called feroglobin

  • Jpend, when we are dealing with thyroid problems, we have to be very precise, or people cannot help you.

    There are several products called 'feroglobin', which one are you taking? And how much of it? It's really important that you answer people's questions precisely, or they might give you the wrong advice. :)

  • Hi it's vitabiotics feroglobin it says slow release iron contributes to the normal formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells it says take one per day with main meal

  • So it also contians B12, B6, zinc and folic acid? That is insane. You won't get anything out of that because the iron will block the other ingredients. Iron should be taken on its own, two hours away from anything else.

    I think the best thing you can do is stop everything you're taking for a few weeks, and then get tested, to see where you are. Then just take the things you need, in quantities you need. Taking bunches of stuff altogether is never a good idea - except for the company that's selling it!

  • Well I was thinking that myself. But could my symptoms sound like thyroid problems does anyone think. I have read loads of things people have put and seems similar to what am going through

  • Anything and everything can be a hypo symptom. Thyroid hormone is needed by every single cell in the body, so if there's not enough to go round, all sorts of weird things are going to happen, all over the body.

    Hypo symptoms are non-specific - and individual to each and every person - but, when you have a whole bunch of symptoms, what is more likely? That you have 30 different diseases, all with just one symptom? Or one disease with 30+ different symptoms? (You probably have other symptoms you don't even connect to thyroid, but could be connected!) Well, that one disease would be hypo.

    But, the only way you're going to know if you've got a problem is to get blood tests done.

  • Yes I am getting results back on Friday I just hope there is something they can tell me hopefully not to serious but I cannot get through my day to day routine with kids when I am on a low day. I have good days and bad. It's the fuzzy foggy feeling in my head that is causing me the most uncomfortable and scared feeling

  • I understand. Let us know as soon as you get the results. But, don't forget the ranges! :)

  • Do you know what tests your GP is running for you ? If you have Low Iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 and VitD you could well have symptoms of Low thyroid too. Also if the GP is only testing the TSH - that too can be a problem as it does not tell you the full story.

    Click onto the link I gave you in my earlier post - then go to Testing - and you will see about how to have Finger Prick Testing in the Home done privately so you can have all the required tests done.

    You also need the above vitamins and minerals to be OPTIMAL should you start thyroid meds - as they will not work well if not ....

  • Only tests I know is he said to see if I am lacking any Vitimins and also bout my thyroids. I might find out today my results I have to phone at 11.30

  • Feeling for you. I am a newbie too. You will get better. Lots of different advice and info on this site to help you.

    Just my little add

    Move head slowly

    Drink a glass water every hour

    Eat greens, no dairy or sugar

    For High bp I ask pupils to put their head slowly down on a table or kitchen counter

    Folds arms on too if comfy. Stay and breathe for 2 mins

    You will recover

    Getting help with the kids ?


  • Thanks everyone. Bloods came back everything is fine so I am no furher forward..I have den complaining of my ears ever since all this has been happening. Doctors checked and they say it looks red but not infected. I have slight pain and throbbing. Cud this cause dizziness please

  • Sometimes my ears sound like the bath is running but it is not. Sometimes itchy also. Could there be an infection further in my ear and the doctors are just not picking up on it?

  • Did you obtain copies of your test results with ranges ? What does * Fine * mean ? YOU NEED THOSE RESULTS WITH RANGES ....

  • They did not give me the range they said all blood came back normal. Am waiting for doctor to phone me to go in and see him so I could ask th question when I am next in there

  • Sorry - but * normal * is an opinion not a result. It is where you are in the range that is so key. They will say NORMAL when they mean in range. Click onto my name above and take a couple of minutes to read my Profile - I am not a Medic but have taken years to learn what I now know and understand :-)

  • "Normal" for 1 person is not "normal" for everyone. It's the lazy doctor's way of not really trying to help you feel better. After 20 years of taking T3 with "normal" tests, and feeling tired yet unable to sleep etc., I was lucky to find a doc who knew the difference- did more tests, found I wasn't converting and put me on 25mcg of T4 along with 75mcg of T3 levothyroxine. I have other health issues, lupus & RA, so it's hard to know what's causing which symptoms. I found I felt better, less jittery on 12.5 mcg of T4 instead of the 25. I take folic & multi B w/ C along with D3. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.

  • You are legally entitled to have copies of ALL your test results - read the link below !

  • Have you tried iodine, most people are lacking in this and its essential for the thyroid/ Gets lugols 15% and 4 or 5 drops on your arm rubbed in. A rule of thumb is if it disappears quickly your lacking in iodine. normal disappearance is 8-10 hrs.

  • Well the doctor has phoned me again and wants to do more bloods Monday and checking incase it is tinnitus in the eat now which he said would explain all my dizzy spells and unbalanced etc

  • Tinnitus is linked to LOW B12 - what was your result ? Anything under 500 can result in a neurological condition - which Tinnitus is.

    Scroll down in the above link to read the neurological symptoms of Low B12 - and the videos under the heading FILMS in the menu will also illustrate just how serious low B12 is :-)

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