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Hypo and dry itchy skin

I have hypo TSH 0.05 and FT3 in top third of range, so all ok there. BUT I have really really dry skin which had now become itchy. My scalp flakes and so do my ears (badly) so that I am quite embarrassed and don't wear dark clothes. I have always had dry skin so accept I'm prone to be on the dry side, but when I go up a dosage of levo I get a short respite in the dry skin and flakey ears and scalp so much so that I don't have to moisturise all over every day and my scalp is 'normal' - So this makes me think it is definitely thyroid related. I asked the GP about it and he said "I don't know"

Does anyone else have this problem and can anyone shed any light on what may help other than moisturising.

Many thanks.

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Hi Yes, I have had hypo for many, many years and my skin is dreadful, diagnosed as eczema and other skin conditions, I am not convinced but I do have various cortisone ointments for different parts of the body on a script. Ears are known to be especially prone to eczema, because of the cortisone they should only be used sparingly and when needed.Scalp there are two treatments on a script that could be making the ears worse. There is a special cortisone cream when raw and a different lotion when flaky. This is all quite specialised, do you have a GP at your surgery who has done a course on skin? otherwise ask to see a dermatologist.



Hi, I've had problems with dry skin when I was young but it went away until I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 13 years ago. My symptoms don't sound as bad as yours but the skin on my shins gets very tight and shiny with fine cracks and flakes appearing which is itchy and painful. Also my heels sometimes crack and bleed. My doctor prescribes me Oilatum bath oil which you can also rub on after showering, E45 for topical treatment and Flexitol foot cream. If it's prescribed you get it free but you can buy them over the counter. These all help treat my symptoms but I agree it's a palava building it into a regular routine. 6 months ago I started taking Omega 3 supplements for other reasons (although I notice lots of site users take it for hypo symptoms) and I have noticed that my skin is much better and I have much less reliance on the creams. Personally, I feel that it has made a big difference but this is just my experience. If you get to see a skin specialist it would be interesting to see if they mention supplements. All the best.


Hi, Like you, I've always had dry skin, the shiney shins that crack open. I do take a fish oil and use Flexitrol but didn't know it can be prescribed. It is the best! I used to have cracked open heels too. It's so painful isnt it? I now use the Flexitrol every day on my feet and shins and it's like a wonder cream. I use it on my flakey ears too. I used to use the Oilatum at well, but it started cogging up my bathroom pipes so had to stop.

Thanks for the advice.


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