Dry scalp problems

I have had dry skin and also dandruff and dry scalp since before becoming hypothyroid. I had been using head and shoulders until recently to try and ease symptoms, however, this did not work. I was given the 'black tar' shampoo on prescription and this didn't work either. The last few weeks, my scalp has worsened with sore red patches and scabs, and itchiness and the horrible dandruff. It's been all over the news about the fake head and shoulders shampoo. I have now been given steroid preps for my scalp and have contacted my local trading standards re the shampoo. I still have it so hopefully they will be able to test it.

For everyone who has this problem with their scalp and skin, beware of fake shampoos. The head and shoulders fake version is so good, it has taken trading standards a wave of rigorous testing to pick this up.x

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  • Hi Pinkgirl, have you tried supplementing with omega 3's like fish oil. You may need a fairly high dose to begin. Have you tried a mild vinegar rinse after your shampoo? This might sting if you have sores but may be worth trying later.

  • Hi, I take high strength evening primrose oil daily and also omega 3,6,9 supplements as am vegetarian (so no fish substances):-). Mmm with the vinegar, to be honest I hate the stuff & cant stand the smell lol, though if added something with a nice smell like lavender it be worth a try

  • OH NO:):):), vinegar is so good for so many things. It's a great anti fungal even for toe fungus if you ever get that, and so less harmful than steroids. Unfortunately they haven't come up with deoderized vinegar, lol. Do you think a tablespoon diluted in a quart of water as a finishing rinse would be too hard to take. The smell doesn't really last. It makes my scalp feel really good. You could probably spray a leave-on conditioner after the rinse.

    Your omegas sound good but if you notice how little of the necessary ingredient is in a 1,000 mg. gel, you actually need to take 5 or 6 of them to get enough.

  • One doctor said that it could be a fungal infection, but that is in addition to the rest of the stuff going on, like the scabs, soreness, itchiness and redness. Yeah will definitely use a leave in conditioner if try the vinegar thing lol. Will also increase my intake of omegas as well and see if this helps

  • I hope you do and I think you will be surprised. If you are, you'll be telling everyone else to use vinegar!!!

    You could google the vinegar rinse as there may be more definitive treatments for your particular case.

  • I think that Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is best. I buy mine from a health store.

  • There's apple cider vinegar, coconut vinegar, and other ones.

    I switched from regular shampoos to plain ordinary coconut oil soap. The ingredients are organic coconut oil soap and water. I get it from a private soap maker. I'm in the US. It's the only thing which clears up my head. I don't use any conditioners or additives.

    I've suffered from a type of acne which is common with thyroid disease.

    Vinegar is used as a conditioner too.

  • Hi, I've been using this for my scalp. I lost hair for a while but that has stopped. My scalp felt horrible, itchy and not good but this stuff works a treat and keeps my hair looking good too. You can buy it through the TUK Amazon link and TUK gets a % of the sale! it isn't cheap but a bottle lasts a long time because you use it sparingly.


  • I love Kerastase shampoo, I used to use it all the time when in my 20s, then I stopped because it was expensive. Have never thought to look on amazon as only ever got it from hairdressers shops, and when they stopped selling it locally, I travelled 30 miles to get it. It's good to know that its on amazon. Don't know what it costs now but years ago it was £12 a bottle, so will have a look, thanks:-)

  • Hmm, just looked - it's £19 something on Amazon at the moment and £13 something in the link I sent you - don't know what postage adds to that though.

  • Hi,

    I use natural products instead; bicarbonate dissolved in water as shampoo and apple cider vinegar mixed with water as conditioner. You can add some essential oils like lavender to make it smell nice( the vinegar smell only lasts about 10 mins), and if you add some tea tree oil to the mix and rub it into scalp it clears up dandruff! Works really well - especially the tea tree, and good to know no nasty chemicals doing extra harm!

    Good luck!

  • For a nice, soothing hair mask, you could try green clay - dirt cheap, get it at the pharmacy. It comes in lumps or in powder form. Mix with a little water to form a thick paste and slather onto head. Leave for about half an hour and then wash off and wash hair. It soothes and heals.

    You can use this on any type of wound or burn. It's also excellant for toothache - if you don't mind the taste. Coat the offending tooth in the thick paste and leave until pain disappears. It might sting at first, but this soon goes away, along with the toothache! Great stuff!

  • My daughter had terrible 'dandruff' problem with sores etc. Hairdresser recommended Moroccan oil or redken scalp conditioner - one application and it was much better. Scalp might just need moisturising like skin?

  • Low zinc can cause dandruff. I even had dandruff on my eyebrows when my zinc was low. When I mean low, the blood test doesn't need to be out of range, it can be low in range, like thyroid function tests!!!

  • Have never had a zinc test, though I am going to ask for one. It may explain my extreme fatigue also. Had an iron test today at hospital earlier - that may explain the outbreak of ulcers I got - which I thought was from eating Satsuma's. Am definitely going to ask for a zinc test

  • ah are you aware that dry scalp is not always dandruff and the head and shoulders may just be drying you skin out to much my husband had the same problem with this shampoo years ago and I changed him over to baby shampoo the condition cleared up within weeks

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