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Hi I haven't been on here for a long time, mainly because I have had a skin problem for the last year which has driven me over the edge! I have thyroid, Rheumatoid arthritis,

and was diagnosed with NP which is Nodular Prurigo. Most of my body was itching so bad that when I scratched, it starts the cycle and they bleed. My scalp was also bad, and I have had every cream and potion from my G.P. I have ultra light therapy twice a week, and have my last one tomorrow. It has helped a lot, but I still feel itchy now and again, and try not to scratch as it will come back. Has anyone on here had this problem ?


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  • Annie1954,

    There are posts on NP and an HU NP community in this link

  • Hi yes I'm on that site thank you its very helpful. But thought I would ask on here also, to see if anyone had this problem .

  • Annie1954,

    Several members complain of itchy skin but yours was the one and only post about NP.

  • I have lichen sclerosus, which is auto immune.... I've been given all sorts of steroid creams, none of which stop the itching. But.. I got on to one of the forums where someone suggested washing in a solution of bicarbonate of soda..... And it stops the itching really fast. .. Might be worth a try? Couple of big spoons full in a mug of warm water....


  • Actually i just looked up your problem and the recommendations for treating it are pretty much the same as for my LS, so the bicarb might do it for you....

  • What do you do with bicarb? I have bathed in it .....

  • Make up a solution and dab it on the itchy bits.

  • Iron deficiency can cause itchy skin too. I have had low iron for 4 years and my skin is always itchy. Have you had your iron checked recently?

  • My last blood tests that I had they said everything is normal. So I don't think its that.

  • Have you had your B12 checked? "Normal" wasn't enough for me my 9 year itching stopped as soon as my levels were adequate!!

  • Hi my last blood test was ok, but I don't know what the levels should be?

  • Get your results from your GP and post them on here (with the ranges) and I'm sure someone will advise you.

  • My other half scratched for years I mean so much so would bleed and cry with the pain and frustration, saw every specialist going was told it was Eczema, Rosacea and a few other things given lotions and potions and pills, however most of the lotions and potions contained something called SLS which is something called, “Sodium Laurel Sulphate,” which manufactures put in everything and I do mean everything, soap, toothpaste, washing up liquid, shampoo, conditioner, foam bath, everything, they use it because, it stops oils and water separating and extends shelf life, the only downside is it’s a known skin irritant and if you have a problem with it you’re stuffed. As soon as this was removed within 2 days the itching stopped and only comes back if in contact with SLS. The thing is it’s a bit like T4 most people seem to get on with it fine but if you don’t you really don’t. I would say switch to SLS free stuff for a week and see if that makes any difference. I mean even the stuff they give you treat dry skin and itching has SLS in it. Madness.

  • Hi I use a shampoo from the Dr's , and I check to see if anything I buy contains SLS

    It's a nightmare as every thing we see on the shelves has all this rubbish in them. Thanks for replying.

  • just something to maybe consider.

    I had suffered inexplicable itching for a number of years (mostly on my shins) in bed during the night . The itching has occurred seemingly at random . After many years I finally found that it was due to high blood glucose levels and I had probably had pre diabetes for nearly a decade !

    Before type 2 diagnosis I would never have believed I had a blood glucose problem but in hindsight we used to eat our main meal late in the evening then spend the whole evening snacking carbs and sugary foods before going to bed sending my blood sugar levels rocketing just as I lay down to go to sleep .

    Since bringing my glucose levels down I've not had a single reoccurance so it might be worth buying a cheap blood sugar level meter and testing your BS level just before you go to bed and when waking before eating breakfast (fasting BS level).

    Interestingly I've also not had any carpal tunnel syndrome since either...nor have I had any more head and neck sweating after eating !,.....

  • sorry I forgot to mention something in my previous post.

    I know its going to sound really obvious but're not using any kind of Bio washing powder are you ?. That used to make me itch like crazy until I realized what was causing it

  • Hi I stopped Bio washing powder a few years back, but brought an expensive powder with nothing added, and I don't use fabric conditioner either. There is to much fillers in soap powder so it's worth trying others or non Bio.

  • Hi Annie1954 - Are you on ERFA? The only reason I ask is because I have read many posts about people having a severe itchy reaction to the new formula that ERFA denies exists...

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