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I know that there are strong research findings linking Coeliac Disease and Thyroid problems together. I'm curious as to whether there's any link with thyroid problems causing issues in men and women ref hormones e.g. fertility, monthly cycles, polycystic ovaries, bad PMS etc ? Often people with Coeliac Disease are low in iron, vitamin D and B12 yet the gastro Drs GPs don't seem that clued up on how that affects the endocrine system. So I thought I'd post my question here as I know you're all very active in this group and share good advice.

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Hi FionaGFG,

Interesting about the Coeliac Disease findings as I am still investigating everything to do with Thyroid... I can't give you any definate scientifically based answers but from personal experience I've had suffered with bad PMS, Polycystic Ovaries, monthly cycles all over the place, repeat miscarriage and late starting and painful periods. So I personally would say yes there is a link. Just a train of thought but if the balance of hormomes is poor because of the Thyroid being unbalanced then fertility possibly would be affected as nature works within narrow tollerances. I'd guess that its just like Runners / Athletes and people with eating disorders cycles are affected when their systems are put under hormore stress and not balanced. Hope this helps



This is a link to Dr Lowe re female problems

and another re coeliacdisease (but with hyperthyroidism)


Hi Fiona,

Am no expert either but my understranding of it is that the female hormones are thrown out by low thyroid functioning and will return to 'normal' once throid balance reinstated. When I was going through the process of diagnosis -a conaultant said to me that it was difficult to know where to start -whether to address the female hormones out of wack or the thyroid or the adrenals as they are all interelated. FYI I also had very painful periods but I don't have Coeliac disease..


Interesting comments from you both thanks. My own problems and others in my group (gluten free guerrillas) differ. My periods are uber more painful going GF yet slight. So the old thyroid / adrenals and possible endometriosis is being looked into. Whereas a lot of Coeliac friends find that their cycles improve after going gluten free (probably as you say as any other strain on nature causes issues and once the Coeliac is being managed by a gluten free diet that should help).

Has anyone heard of sodium retention and that causing stomach bloating, progesterone issues, and adrenal problems? My specialist mentioned that a lot yesterday and I'm awaiting results. As CD and Thyroid is so closely linked (and I have loadsa relatives with Thyroid probs I'll see what these blood tests throw up. Still suffering low iron/ vit D years after going GF and always cold, tired, wide awake at night etc. So who knows. I'm nearly beginning to have sympathy with how hard it is for Drs to tell the auto-immune diseases apart!

I'll check out the handy links thanks.



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