The gluten - thyroid connection, a must read for all of us

Luckily I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease before I was diagnosed with Hashis, if you guys have a thyroid condition and are still eating gluten, think again! The key points from this article are that 90% of thyroid conditions are caused by autoimmune issues and therefore 90% of us who use this forum should NOT be eating gluten full stop. If your response to the link below is "my dr tested me for gluten intolerance and it was negative" please re-read the article again, slowly.

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  • Thank you jules,

    This is something many members & myself have found very beneficial and so wholly advocate and always suggest to new members.

    The more info the better.

    Thank you for posting


  • I agree (although our doc maintains that it isn't always the gluten part of the grain that causes the problems).

    I think it's well worth anyone who has ongoing health problems to have a trial period of going grain free and see if you feel better. The withdrawal symptoms can be severe so it's better to taper off gradually over a couple of weeks rather than go "cold turkey".

  • Yes my doc said it would help only if your coeliac . Hmm

  • Best to ignore that doc then ;-)

  • Actually it's frightening how ignorant doctors are about the devastating effects of food intolerances for some people.

  • I guess most GPs "know a little about a lot" and very little (almost nothing) about AI (auto immune) diseases.

  • Mine advised that too. Only if coeliac. I've got Hashimoto's and decided to go gluten and soy free and have been since May.

  • I'm trying gluten free but I forgot few times and had some biscuits haha. It takes getting

    Used to but not too hard.

  • This is a very good article about the various food sensitivities implicated in Hashimoto's and the numbers of people affected:

  • Yes, it's good, slight caveat that she is selling tests off it though, and suggesting a specific lab too. Wentz is partly in it for profit.

  • We talked to an allergy specialist and he said the only reliable way to test for food sensitivities is an elimination diet.

  • My functional medicine doctors had us do the blood food sensitivity testing.

  • I have hashimotos osteoarthritis high markers for rheumatoid arthritis hypertension and high cholesterol.I've tested negative for celiac disease with both a blood and endoscopy test. but have almost all the same symptoms my Celiac confirmed sister has,so I'm now 100% gluten free.and will continue to be so however I'd love to have a stool test done but don't know where to find a good reliable firm in the UK.

  • See my message above.

  • it was blood, not stool for food sensitivities testing.

  • 90% are caused by autoimmune, which is caused by a leaky gut, not gluten!

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