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Hi everybody!!!

I hope you're all shiny & happy & full of wellness. :D

So, I finally got my blood results and they were 'sans T3' after all that, plus getting 2 sets of bloods (One in hospital labs and one in G.P surgery.)

I ask you, is this adequate treatment?? I'll have to go follow up on T3's now or get yet another set of bloods done. Ridiculous.

How & ever:

My TSH is now 0.03

My T4 is now 26.4

My Antibodies have come waaay down from 275 to 70.

I'm fairly new at this and honestly don't know much about interpretation. All I know, is that the antibodies being lowered is a good thing. I read somewhere, that the T3 &T4 results don't mean all that much, but I'd like to ask you guys if you find that to be true.

Anyone?? Anyone????

Many thanks in advance. As for the picture...yep, I'm talkin' to you!!!!


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Who me? lol - love Bill. :) Is this Thyroid busters? Sorry I'm not shiny or full of wellness 2nite - but happy anyway!

You don't put the ranges, so I'm guessing (which is not good) but Good that your antibodies (TPO?) have come down - what's happened - just medication? as your TSH is low.

More importantly - how are you feeling and what dose of what are you on? J x


Hey J!! Of course you!! ;)

Should we get backpacks for ThyroidBusters? and sing 'Who's afraid of that thyroid!?' :D :D

As I said, I'm extremely new to the notion of having to inerpret results, but learning quickly that the G.P ain't trustworthy.

So, I do know that my TPO came down massively.

Quick version of my story>>

I had a very bad Hashi's 'Episode and I wan't taking anything. That was approx 5months ago. I've been on Eltroxin.since then. First 25, then 50...and I stayed there and wasn't improving. I could barely walk. Then I read in STTM, that one must not stay on a low dose for too long, or one will most likely get worse..and I was.... so I upped to 75.

I was edging towards 100 when I had Hyper symptoms. I went and got my heart checked. All ok there.

I asked advice at the G.P surgery, as to where to go from here, but I didn't get any. (NOTHIN'...NADA...NIL...)

I went off everything for fear of more Hypo symptoms I got bloods done.

And voilá....these results. They couldn't/didn't give me T3 results at all...

I was then told to start again on 25...but any I'm reluctant, as any Eltroxin seems to set my heart a'racin' and other delightful Hyper stuff.

I'm Hyper now, as far as I can tell. What does a Hashi's person do when they go into these ranges? And yes, why have my antibodies shot right down. I must've been doing something correctly. I's all a mystery to me, J....time to call in the ThyroidBusters..



Hi Purrjones- I do tend to reply as on the evening shift! That suits me as I feel slightly more awake at this time.

I would have thought that upping your dose gradually is the usual take, but going by your low TSH your'e a bit hyper now (disclaimer - we're not docs here just fellow sufferers). I'm sorry you're not getting much advice from your GP, what has he actually said?

From my experience I had hyper symptoms before my op, but now Hypo ones. The trouble with Hashimotos (the usual sort of Thyroid trouble) is the ups and downs, so dosing is tricky, yet 87% of Hypo sufferers are coping on Thyroxine (various brands). However too much (conversely too little) causes palpitations etc. and docs will advise you to lower your dose. It's not something you can rush.

I would think that as your TSH is below range (I'm guessing again sorry) the labs should do a Free T3 test for you (but GP has to ask for this).

Other things you can ask for are Vit D, B12, irons folate & ferratin tests - which tend to be low with us 'roidys. For example Vit d took 6 months for me to sort.

Sorry - not much of a 'Tbuster' I'm afraid - just someone who wants to help - I hope more knowledgeable folks with experience of doses will chip in. All I know is I didn't like the hyper feelings (hate palps-scary stuff) it wears you out, I do prefer to be chilled!

Nosing about I see someone has suggested a GP/Endo in your area. Can you ask for a referral? All the best Jane :D x


Hi If not happy do not hesitate in asking for a referral to a good endo ( do your research first ) . it takes a long time to get OK.the labs NHS now, are always difficult doing FT3, it is not the docs who want it! If you go onto bloods) I have the intermediate test from Blue Horizon, quote TUK 10 and with that discount about £ 60. results to you etc. , vey easy. the lab which are really TDL are the ones all the private hospitals use at a fraction of the cost so, well known to any doc you want to show them to which is important.



My doctor said mine was a bit highsohe would check it I went to see him for results he said its fine 2.75 that was what it was when he sent me to have it done saying it wasa bit high this list me I have loads if syptoms but he now says its Norma I don't know if that's t3t4 or what. Can I get a private test done or I wish I could find a study somewhere for those with symptoms but a normal reading do you know the answers to any of this thanks kind regard



Hi Some doctors ( GP`s ) have a nasty habit of just doing the tSH, on it`s own it is useless, it is all down to costs. The standard tests have always been TSH, T4 and Free T3. As in my above post. If you do it all yourself no authority needed except under the TUK system for cheapness.,you have the results all on line and then if not good enough take them to the GP or endo for the proper treatment. A lot of people do not convert T4 to T3 in the body,levo is just T4 , if that is the case you need T3 on a is usual on treatment for the T4 to be in top third and FT3 to be near the top of range.Do not have tests at a private hospital as although the same tests results only to you through a doctor and you need an authorisation form from a doctor, also same tests but very expensive.



Hey Jackie,

I think it's a little different here in the ROI, but I appreciate this mail and will check out what you have described. It was lovely of you to take the time to write here.

I am, at present, looking into T3 only, the Circadian method. It's v interesting!

Best regards,



Hey Shirley,

From what I hear, many people are having the same experiences as you. A lot of people are being told their thyroid is 'normal', when they are having symptoms of Hyper and Hypo.

I would recommend finding another G.P, and read all you can on the internet about your particular symptoms and thyroid. Perhaps post a blog on here, being more specific and people will share their experiences. You never know what you may learn about yourself!!

Blessings!!! xx


Hey Jackie! I read your last post first....aha! I didn't know what the TUK was, but I'm getting the picture.



Hi Purr,

Sorry, went straight into hospital, emergency, drip, total kidney failure again. Just came home, totally stupid. If I can help further send me a PM, click on pretend picture when I am human again!A few days.




Oh dear!! I'm so sorry that you went through that, Jackie!

Sending you lots of healing thoughts & blessings,

P.Jones x


P.s- Keep in touch, when you're feeling up to it!





Purrjones, your Q has probably helped me more than I can you.

When i was diagnosed( 2001)with Graves my T4 = 26. I was very ill. After years of carbimazole (my choice over radioactive iodine therapy)had a few difficult years with no meds.

Now Hypo and on 75mcg this week TSH = 0.02 (T3/T4 not tested)Lab state ABNORMAL.

GP says not to worry and to alter my dose according to how I feel.

Whilst he is 'kind' not a lot of help with in depth stuff and least of all how/why Labs make decision (based on TSH) whether to do T3/T4. I had to ask my GP to do BP/Pulse etc., just to reassure myself and he was amazed at how normal and low those were...despite being deemed Hyper by a blood test. (I knew my heart rate and pulse were low.)

I also know 100mcg is too much for me yet on 75mcg feel hypo and sleep a lot.

My TSH went up when first started on levothyroxine??

So just goes to show we need to keep a record of our own special and peculiar reactions.

I am now wondering (whilst I wait for an Endo app hoping for trial of T3 only) if I might have Hashimotos.

Take a look at Tags on here for Blood tests and am sure you will find an explanation of why each Laboratory's reference range varies and their protocols for doing T3/T4 or not .

If you find a well recommended Endo for Thyroid probs in NHS ask your GP can it be ensured that you get an appointment with that particular one?

It is common that although the GP requests an app., with one, the appointment comes back with in my case.

Wish could be of more help.



Ohh Wyn!!

I really hope it has helped you figure out some things about your own case, since you help me with your nice way of wording things.

Altering your dose due to how you feel, is one way of doing things....I suppose. It's what I do, because with Hashi's, I find, if you're in an immune attack, you will need quite a high dose and when you're out of it, even a mediocre dose will give you hyper symptoms. (Unpleasant and unseemly bathroom issues!!) I am taking almost 25 this week...not quite. I feel my body doesn't need much.

Reading more about what you wrote, when I was having the attack, I felt much the same as you do now. 75 was Hypo and 100 was Hyper. Have you read STTM? It's got a lot of info...sometimes a little overwhelming, but c'mon, nothing we can't handle, right?

Thank you for your advice with the reference ranges...I really had no idea about that subject. You've been a help, as usual...




Thanks again Purr, have taken a look at this book and on f/bk .

Ta for reminder. I would like to read it.

It is helpful to me to read the same thing put differently and many times for me to retain the info!



Hello again Purrjones, thanks for suggestion of 'Heart Math' book. This is not for me at the moment. For coping mechanisms I will stay with tried and trusted. (see

My limited stamina and energy is concentrated on getting the same brand of levothyroxine from NHS pharmacies.

Hope to post a sensible result of my research on this thorny subject very soon.

What you say on the post after this is helpful. Apologies got this reply out of sync.



Such a nice attitude you have. Just some random thoughts.

I would think your doctor would be curious to know whether you are over, under, or normal. By those tests, who would know? Your T4 might be high-normal but who knows without the ranges. But if your T3 were also very low, than a very high T4 is probably not a good sign. It may mean that the T4 may not be converting to the T3 which is the active form. If that's the case, a reverse T3 would probably answer that question. (There's a certain standard ratio which could reveal whether your T3 is being blocked.) On the other hand, if your T3 is also high, this could indicate whether you are going hyper or not. And since you have those symptoms it wouldn't be surprising to find that your T3 is in the higher range as well.

Selenium is an important mineral for the thyroid especially regarding Graves. I don't know much about antibodies but I wonder if being lower, it means you have overcome an immune attack. You might find answers to some of these quandaries from Dr. Lowe or Mary Shomon.

Disturbing how you are being treated, Purr. And I'm sure Bill and I both want you to be well!.


Hi Purr

Just a pointer, if you want to reply to someone in particular, you have to make sure to click on 'reply to this' otherwise they will not get an email letting them know that you have responded.




Thankies! Figured that out since ;) x


Hey Heloise {Beautiful name},

Thank you muchly, for your lovely words.

My apols, I haven't checked in here, for about a week.

Yes, yes! They are 'messing me about' a little, those G.P's. I have asked for records and ranges &I haven't received them yet. I'm going to have to get used to being my own advocate, as many people on here have had to.

I'm getting more bloods taken this week, since they didn't even do the T3 test that last time.

It's exhausting trying to get heard. Heloise, am I invisible, do you think?? ;) I may as well register as Casper the friendly ghost, at my G.P surgery, for all the attention I'm getting there. :D :D

I have ordered selenium and a few other supplements I've read about for calming the immune system. This is most definitely the approach I'll be taking from now on.

Wishing you of the pretty name, much wellness & happiness,

P.Jones xx


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