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Disappointing GP visit

Following on from my post yesterday saw GP about my blood results. They are:

TSH 1.5 (0.35-5.50)

Free T4 9.8 (7.0-17.0)

Serum ferritin 77 (15-300)

I had been doing ok on 1000mcg but these past few weeks I've had fatigue, breathlessness, pain in legs climbing stairs, intermittent insomnia, etc. He said my TSH was fine, everything was fine, was adamant about it and that there wasn't anything physically wrong. He asked about depression, I said I'm not depressed, only fed up with feeling so bad. The result was that he only offered me sleeping tablets or talking therapy! Both of which I refused. I think I know what the responses will be but I would be interested in your thoughts and what I should do. By the way, I'd had to up my dose to 100mcg myself a few months ago as doc would not increase it despite TSH 3.5 and T4 7.4!

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It would be useful to see your FT3 level. FT4 9.8 is low in range so FT3 may be low and that may be why you are symptomatic. You can order private thyroid tests via Unless your GP has tested vitamins and minerals recently I would add ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to the tests.


I see another doctor in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping to persuade that doc to test for these.


In the case of vitamin D I strongly suggest you indicate to the doctor clearly you are basically housebound. Also mention in detail your leg pain stating where you think it is coming from and what is actually hurting.

While there are GPs who don't believe so many people are vitamin D deficient, there are others who when people explain they have leg pain and are inside most of the time will automatically test for vitamin D deficiency.

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The doctor I saw was adamant it wasn't physical and then steered the consultation down the route of depression. I'm definitely not depressed. He also suggested 30 minutes exercise each day such as running. He wouldn't budge and said breathlessness and pain in legs wasn't physiological. To say I'm unhappy is an understatement.


The NHS rarely tests for FT3, and as your TSH and FT4 are in range even if the GP asked for it to be tested the lab would refuse to do it. So if you want to know what your FT3 is you need to do it privately.

In regards to the other nutrients you maybe lucky and convince the other GP to test them but as they are in the same practice you are likely to have a fight on your hands as they go by the same guidelines. It would actually be quicker for you and help minimise how long you are ill for if you tested them privately, then if posters on here point out you are below range get that other GP to treat you.

You have already "wound" one GP up by daring to ask to be tested and refusing his diagnosis, so if you wind up another GP but still have to have private tests to find out what is wrong they can make it difficult for you if you present private tests to them with something that is wrong.


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