Update on BH Bloods and GP visit

Just had a really surprisingly good GP appointment, I'm gobsmacked (I want to know what that done with my real doctor lol). He gave me a full half hour and despite his initial panic at my suppressed TSH he sat and listened and also read the extract from Dr Toft that I took along. We have come to an agreement that I come off the Metformin, providing I closely monitor my blood sugar levels (which were 6.2 on waking this morning and not taking Metformin for 4 days) That is near normal. Told him I was supplementing with Vits and B12 + Bcomplex and agreed to check all levels again in 6 to 8 weeks. He concurred with raised antibodies being indicative of Hashis and has agreed to keeping Levo dose the same He has heavily hinted that if my next Thyroid tests show no improvement in T3 levels that he will reduce Levo and supplement with T3. He was very impressed with all I said and told me that he thought I was being sensible in my approach and he would support me. I'm blown away. I have been supplementing for 5 days now and I can feel a definite improvement overall. He also did a Vitamin D test there and then!!! I'm feeling very upbeat and hoping this lasts.

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  • Great news!

    I think your GP is happy he has a patient finally taking control of their own health. As long as you can keep your blood sugar low so you don't have secondary problems from diabetes he will remain happy. Now all you have to do is get that blood sugar under 6 and keep it there.

  • I started this week on a high protein low carb almost gluten free way of eating. I feel miles better already, a bit more vital (which is what matters after 15 years of feeling like sludge). I intend to be extra vigilant about hidden sugars and get that sugar low and keep it there.

  • It's so good when doctor's actually listen to you, he's obviously a keeper

  • Wasn't always the case, thats why I'm gobsmacked. Perhaps hes had a personality transplant LOL

  • Or maybe someone very close to him or himself have been diagnosed.

  • That's a possibility that I thought of. He's just rung to say he has booked me an appointment with Gynae re possible Lichen Sclerosis (another autoimmune manifestation). I'm well pleased with how he has reacted to me today. Such a pleasant change.

  • It's a miracle - no doubt about that.

  • If you do have Lichen Sclerosus I would strongly advise you to look into LDN (low dose naltrexone)


    You can there read my testimony about how LDN has healed my Lichen Sclerosus. It can heal your Hashimotos also.

    LDN is an amazing immune modulating drug with few, easy and passing side effects. It is also cheap.

  • When you have such a positive appointment with your GP it does raise your spirits, no doubt and the fact that he was open to suggestions and looked at the Pulse online article by Dr Toft as many other doctors would ignore anything from the internet, shows he has compassion for his patients.

    I'm glad you can feel an improvement already. :)

  • Glad things went well for you :-)

    Did you mention about further investigations for your very low B12 - or did he agree with us here that it could be the Metformin ? Glad you have had the VitD tested and that you are feeling better.

    Now for the next visit and improving the T3 result - which may in turn solve the blood pressure. T3 works in the muscles and the heart is a muscle :-)

    Testing B12 again will be of little value - as laid down in the Guidelines - as the results will be skewed. Best to go by symptoms ....

  • He was surprised when I told him about contraindications between Metformin & B12 inhibition, thats why he agreed to a trial off the Metformin, with careful monitoring

  • Hurray ! HFLC should prove helpful .....

  • He also said that he would prescribe ferritin/folate if I want them but I made him laugh about the Liver

  • You will be getting the Folate - B9 - in your B Complex - either as Methylfolate or Folic Acid. I would source your own Iron supps as the NHS one is not the best I have read. Ferrous Fumerate is the one people talk about here :-) Then you will need VitC to aid absorption. I take VitC at night as it is good for the gut - around 2000.

  • I sourced a good wholefood vit C which I have been taking all week. I am feeling a lot better, but won't hold my breath until I have been supplementing a bit longer

  • ..... and iron as well ? Taking VitC before sleep is supposed to be good for SIBO - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Dr Sarah Myhill prefers to call if gut fermentation ! - it could help.


  • Could be that is what has been causing my bloating and unusually frequent wind (it's been downright embarrassing at times) Good job I'm 65 and not trying to impress a bloke eh LOL

  • Gawd we have complex bodies don't we

  • I love her website - you can find an answer to most things there :-) - or here of course !!

  • You have been ultra helpful Marz., Appreciate it

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