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Advice please

I was diagnosed severley hypothyroid 2 1/2 years ago and had finally got bloods within range on 200 mg of thyroxine, I have been menopausal for a few years now as I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago, but despite trying all HRT treatments I do not absorb them , so i have given up on this now. the hot flushes are not so severe and often now.

I have recently started to feel very un well again, (although my energy levels have not yet returnred to any where near normal ). On going to the doctors after another blood test, my bloods are now out of range, dosage now increased to 250mg but I am still not feeling well. I have been taking the higher dose for 6 weeks now.

Please can any one give some helpful advise. I just want to have some energy.

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We regularly see hypothyroid people who are also low in vitamin B12, folates, iron/ferritin and vitamin D. In an ideal world you would ask your GP to do a blood test for these and take it from there, and maybe you will be lucky. Certainly it is difficult to separate out symptoms from all of these and those of not-quite-right thyroid hormone levels.

Do you have your actual blood test results, including reference ranges?



Hi, Thank you. Unfortunately all these things have been checked and are apprently in range. i do not have my blood results now but I am just out of range again but I am not sure by how much. I will get levels checked at the end of the month so i will post test results then.

But any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

i have changed taking tablets to night time instead of the morning and i am still waking up very very tired:(


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