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I have a bit of a dilemma and need some advice please.

I have an appt. with consultant in the medicine for the elderly on 2nd Jan. Twice with consults and twice with Gp. I and have mentioned poss.thyroid problems and have shown some knowledge and have been "jumped on from a great height" esp. when mentioning anything from internet" one Gp ASSUMED (correctly) that I am "not medically trained" bet I know more about thyroid than she does. Yer O.K. am getting big headed. :-)

I suspect I have rubbed them up in the wrong way. My problem is I don't know now how to approach my concerns without antagonising this consult I haven't seen before. He is not an endo, don't even know why my appt. is with him, his sub-speciality is dementia and delerium :-(

From my blood test results prob. hypo, and aneamic also want to ask for adrenal tests and hypoglycaemia any suggestions on how I approach this would be much appreciated.

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From my own personal experience, as soon as you mention that you have done any form of research, or state that you have asked others, or dare you mention this site.....

Then you are shot down from a bloomin great height, they close ranks, state you are imagining things that arent there, all this is said without actually mentioning the word 'hypochondriac', yet that is what is implied.

If you dont know why you have been sent to the Dr, ask whoever referred you, as they need to state a reason as to why they have sent you to that particular doc.

I am so sick of being told that as long as my bloods are 'within normal ranges' We are all individuals, and therefore what is a good range for one, will not necessarily be a good range for another!!!

Good luck xx


Hi ChemicaAngel, At my age, 74, it seems you get shoved where there is a vacant appointment in the Medicine for the Elderly Dept., GP sent me there originally as Endo. said no probs. He scoffed at TUK and natural dess. "as it is made from pigs" I was so taken aback by his attitude I didn't have the guts to respond "SO IS INSULIN"!!!

My thyroid bloods are all over the place some o.k others clearly out of range.


see my latest post



Sounds to me that their not taking you serious, hence the referral to this dementia specialist.

You need to ask the reason why you are being referred to such a specialist if you really don't know why and DO NOT attend if you don't agree with it - otherwise you are ACCEPTING their diagnosis for the need to be referred!

ChemicalAngel - yes I can relate to everything you have said.


Hi PoppyRose think I was sent to this consult. as above answer to ChemicalAngel.

I understand your argument for non attendance and I should have cancelled earlier, but feel had better attend as I might find some gold among the dross.

My Gp has dismissed my out of range tests showing poss. anaemia so will pretend I have not seen them and draw his attention by asking for the results.


Hard work isn't it?

It's OK it's just that sometimes it's easy to miss some points that others see clearly. Just looking out for you, and good luck!

p.s. at my last appointment, GP reluctantly prescribed me Iron agreeing that I was slightly anaemic after all. They only had result for 3 months!! Why mess us about like this?


Ok I get it now. Thanks, so many comments trying to keep up! You've got us all going now.

Since noticing your age I can only say HOW RUDE of them to pass you onto the dementia etc. specialist!!

My mother is 74 next week and since I have enquired more about her health, questioned medication, questioned the GP, and had my name added to the confidentiality records I have become more unpopular at the GP's. Part of my reason for going part-time work was to keep up with all her medical stuff/health! Now I have problems with HypoT and they already know me.

Bless you. xx


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My friend went to GP and got a 'normal' result and I know she is anything but normal, she is actually really poorly! So I went on the thyroid UK site and downloaded their tick list into a document, she worked her way through it and then showed it to the nurse. She is now being investigated more thoroughly. You could maybe try that? Its a recognised site and, if you can show that you have alot of symptoms instead of just saying that you have read up on it (Itold my friend not to say anything about reading) and maybe say that your friend is affected and said you need help they can't jump on you! Good Luck! Cx


Thank you crafting bird, will do that, think I will have to "find" a Dr.Friend who gave me the list. I daren't mention TUK as already received a rollicking from an endo. who scoffs. I value the site and get very cross at such ignorance. If they don't agree they should say so and put the case for their reasoning.

I will start the conversation by asking for help. Not done that before, just gone in desperation explaining my case.

Not too old to learn eh. :-)


I have mine ready to present at next appointment. ;)


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When I want testing for something specific

I always say we have a strong family history of this

And I am concerned that I might have it also.

Generally does the trick for me and often your

Gut instinct is right.. Might help if you write down

A few questions not to many otherwise you are

Often dismissed.. Don't forget this is your cOnsultation

And your chance to get your health issues sorted

So do insist on getting your point across.

If I am unsure of what the doctor is recommending

I ask would you chose this treatment for your own

Mother as if it's not good enough for her it's not

Good enough for me!! Good luck


Hi Richard123, I have not considered the family connection before, but have just spoken to my brother about our mothers health. I remember she was always tired and exhausted but never thought any more about it than she had had a hard life.

In later years she had regular injections of something to keep her going when she was in her fifties and onwards. My brother aged 69 is complaining of EXACTLY the same symptoms as I am. His Gp tested TSH only but of course that was normal. :-(

I used to be assertive in a good way but now have difficulty in getting my point across, just crumple, but will try.


Just wondering maybe your mums injections were for pernicious anaemia if so you

Should definentley be tested also and this condition

Is often linked to thyroid problems so that's good enough

Reason to be tested for Vitamin b deficiency and thyroid panel.

I know what you mean about asserting yourself

I go to appointments with good intention to have at

Least some control and walk out and think what

Happened there!! That's why if you write down a few

Questions that are important to you and at least

Jot down the important bits of the response so you

Know whats going on and I think DRs think more

About there response if you are writing it down..

If the consultation tomorrow does not relate just mention

Your health issues and ask him to send you a copy

Of the report he sends your GP..

Good luck


Hi Richard, spoke to my sister-in-law this evening she tells me my Mothers injections were for pernicous anamia so will follow this up with consultant on Weds.

Will post the outcome of appt.


see my latest post


Siskin, what area of the country are you in?


Hi Schenks, I am in Norwich, where if you have somataform disease they write on your notes NFN aka Normal for Norfolk. :-(


Hi hope it helps you to get the appropriate

Tests and closer to feeling better..

Will watch out for outcome and if it's not

Helpful for this appointment do discuss with your

Gp. :)


Thank all of you above for the ideas you gave me.

Saw the consultant to-day and I felt it went better than usual, perhaps because I was more organised and went in a more submissive attitude. I felt the doc.was listening although I still got a lot of the "all your symptoms could be RA related" and he noted what previous docs said about DEPRESSION. I said I wasn't depressed but was angry and frustrated as I felt that all the docs had a bit of the picture but no one "joined up the dots"

I asked about blood tests as my haemaglobin was always on the bottom and due to reference range changes was now below normal. He said I will show you a graph which he did, (no one has shown graphs before) and when I saw it I said" look it is on the bottom all the time" he looked and said ""mmh yes it is we need to look into that. Completely different attitude to my docs. who said not important.

I had found the name of a consultant at Spire hosp. who was an ENT specialist and also works in the NHS who was interested in sleep problems, throat/voice and guess what thyroid.

I asked if I could be referred. Consultant said he would write to GP and suggest a referral.

How my GP will take that remains to be seen.

I don't recall anyone coming in to the docs. with me since I was 12, this time my son came in with me and the atmosphere was very different to last few times so don't know if it was because I was not alone I was treated better or this was a very nice doc.

So again thanks all of you above for your support, you don't know how much it is appreciated.


Great news siskin!

Hope you continue to move forward now. Keep us informed. I will get hubby to attend when I ask for referral - he's had enough now after the episodes this Christmas and should convince even if I don't! ;)



Really pleased for you. Next time you see your Gp

Do mention your mothers history and ask to be tested

Wish you well x


Thanks Richard, think consult is writing

to Gp on that.


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