consultant appointment Friday can I have some advice please?

I am unable to take levo so have been referred to consultant in general medicine [ we don't have endocrinologists in my part of Wales] I have Hashimotos and Gp has said he may just want to monitor thyroid.

Two questions

1.If he sends me for blood tests is it ok to have them about 11am or is it better to go back first thing Monday.

2 How to approach him. Is it better to go in and act as if don't know anything or go prepared with articles to back up need for treatment with T3 or NDT.I have been told he is arrogant so suggestions welcome please.

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  • The answer to your first question is to have the blood tests done as early as possible, so maybe go back Monday as early as you can - The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test will be higher the earlier you go plus the FT4 test will be lower the earlier you go - both of which is exactly what you want.

    The second question is not so easy to answer but could you first explain why you can't take levo?

    Moggie x

  • Hi Maggie thanks for reply I thought that about tests so good to have it confirmed. Tried levo 25mcg every day then every other day and then 12.5 liquid every day just made symptoms worse plus new symptoms of insomnia palpitations and even more exhausted and pain in neck.I also have new facial hair growth and am losing head hair as per "male pattern baldness"


  • Cant see how he can argue with your symptoms - it is even unlikely to be the fillers as you also went onto the liquid, although these do still contain some don't they. Is your main object to get T3 or NDT or a purified T4 from somewhere like Martindales?

    Moggie x

    p.s. My name is Moggie not MAggie

  • Hi Moggie sorry about name mix up. my main object is to feel well whatever it takes.if no joy I am going to self medicate I am not going to take any form of T4 again as I do not want a return of those symptoms.


  • Have you read Paul Robinson's book 'Recovering with T3'? It is very interesting, because he also could not take T4 in any form at all, including NDT. For him, the only option was T3 only.

  • Hi marram thanks for your reply and recommending Paul Robinson's book.Have you used his method?It is on my to buy list if I am put on T3 I shall see how I get on tomorrow.At the moment anything I read is not retained.

    Thanks again for your input


  • I wish you luck with it and I hope he isn't as arrogant as you have heard. If any form of T4 doesn't suit you then I cant see how he can object to either T3 or NDT. Will be interesting to see how you get on.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks for wishing me luck and your input. Moggie


  • I think it best to go in sounding confident and informed. He might then even enjoy a bit of a debate with you. I have found this approach best with my endo :) xx

  • Trouble is I get all fired up with questions and then by the time I get in my mind just goes blank. I don't even remember to look at my list.

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