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Some advice please

I have blood tests done for my thyroid. I phoned the surgery and was told they were ok. I have made an appointment with my doctor to find out what they actually were.

I could write the script now. "it is your condition". I suffer from complex ptsd I have done for many many years so I am well aware how that feels. It did not stop me from bringing two children on my own working with young people, going to college ,then driving 102 miles a day for two years to go to uni, help nurse my beloved aunt and then my parents. There were many wobbles, tears and black days along the way but I managed it. Now things are coming to a head. I can tick almost every box on thyroid UK's check list and I feel miserable. I don't have any fight left in me.

I know how my illness effects me I've lived with it long enough and this is not because of my illness it is to physical if that makes sense. I have had to stop working. Would it be worth my while going to a private doctor?

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When you enquire about your thyroid gland blood test results - never accept - OK:or Normal or in range - always get a print-out or copy including the ranges.

Many keep their patients blood tests within the 'reference range' which is wrong for many of us and therefore cannot feel better. or feel even worse with more symptoms and if your GP says 'it's your condition" your answer is 'yes it is my condition because I am not medicated to my optimum level which would most probably alleviate my symptoms and make me feel much better.

Let's know how you get on.


I will do thank you so much


Hi I would first ask the receptionist for a print out + ranges, then decide what to say to GP for the correct treatment.Also only the best Gp`s and Endo`s treat on symptoms + bloods. For bloods, for a true picture, vital to have TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested.

Best wishes,



tilly, it sounds as if you have undergone a lot of stress. You might as well have your adrenals checked as well as your thyroid although the I understand the saliva test is far more valuable and it would probably have to be a private test. Here is a chart to compare adrenals vs. thyroid:


Thank you so much. That was really interesting I have made an appointment with another doctor on Monday so maybe she will not just write it off as stress. Hope so anyway.


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