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Still tired, pale and down :(

Hey there

This is my first post! and I am badly in need of some advice!

I have been feeling very tired and 'shattered' for the last 6-7 months, I put it down to starting a new job and having a longer distance to travel to work (an hour each way).

After my 3rd bout of viral infection in 2 months I went back to my doc who did a test for glandular fever and also to be on the safe side checked my thyroid. To my surprise I did not have glandular fever but a 'Borderline' THS level (4.6) he suggested that my thyroid might eventually fail. I then got yet another chest infection and could not shake it even after 2 doses of antibiotics. I also was constantely feeling cold, tired and had a croaky voice (which still comes and goes even now).

He tested my TPO levels and they were quite high (175) so put me on theroxine 100mg which initially made me feel better.

But now I am tired and pale again, my THS level is back to normal on the theroxine (1.4).

Anyone else gone through something similar? I feel very down all the time and people keep commenting on how pale i look. My doctor says i have to wait at least 6 months before I will see a marked improvement in my health :(

I have a family history of throid problems. My gran and Aunt are both on theroxine. My gran has sjogrens disease and an under active thyroid, my aunt has Lupus and an underactive thyroid.

I desperately need some advice, my doctor hasent been exactly forthcoming with advice on how to improve my standard of living.

I work hard in my job but hours can be long when I have to travel an hour to get home.

I'm 30 with not kids yet.

Any help or advice would be an absolute godsend!

Thanks so much


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Just one thing that I know, my daughters have both had glandular fever, one daughter was so ill she was in bed for 3 months and I had to bathe her (not a high point in her life) but her test came back only mild for glandular fever and they say it is a totally unreliable test. She was very ill. My other daughter did not even show on the test but had all the symptoms so we took all the precautions to make sure she didn't get worse. If you do have it, which it is entirely possible, rest is the only thing that will help. Both girls took echnichia (sp) to boost their immune system too.

That said, it does sound like a thyroid problem, how long have you been on the meds? It is entirely possible that you have more than one thing making you ill and therefore take time to get better.


There is NOTHING borderline about a TSH of over 4.... It's quite clearly hypothyroidism, backed up by the raised antibody levels which show you have Hashimotos disease. There is no suggestion that your thyroid might eventually fail, it will definately fail - that is the nature of Hashimotos.

It does not matter about the level of antibodies, if you have them, that is enough. Some levels are in the 000's some in the 00's and they change constantly.

You need enough Levothyroxine to bring your free t4 levels into the top third of the range, this will probably give you a supressed TSH, ( mine is 0.001). The doctor cannot manage you by TSH alone, you need at least free T4 and Tsh measured together. There is advice pertaining to this in NHS literature, I think written By Proff. Anthony Toft.

100mcg is not a full replacement dose, you need to suppliment too with Vitamin C and selenium.

Many of us have gone through something similar, which is why forums like this exist,



Hi Nel,

Can you please tell me what levels I should be aiming for as I told you my GP repeatly tells me I'm only just out of levels !! and you seem to know more than I do.

TSH 5.06 (0..10- 5.00) T4 8.2 (9.0 -21.0) T3 5.0 (3.8- 6.0) I'm just getting over Ear infection in both ears which GP said that is not conected to my sore throat or thyroid problem!! have you any ideas Nel?

regards wakeham.


HI, the link above takes you a press release that your doctor really should know about. it says that TSH levels over 4 put you at greater r isk of heart disease and supressed tsh levels are not bad for you.

The doc needs to put you on enough meds so your TSH is at least nearer to 1 and your T4 needs to be over 17 in a 9 - 21 range.

You do not need to know what is NOT causing your throat and ear problems.... any idiot can say something is not causing the problems.... I bet your ear and throat problems are not caused by elephants roaming in your garden.... see!! how stupid can this doctor be? You want to know what IS causing the problem. If he doesn't know or can't work it out, then he needs to send you to an expert, or he needs to do some research.

A good place for him to do some research would be the internet.... particularly the NHS direct site...... they say that one of the symptoms of untreated/under treated hypothyroidism is deafness, and a hoarse voice... hmm sounds like ears and throat to me ;)

I'm assuming the doctor is employed by the NHS and therefore he will believe what they put on their website? though we all know that info we got find on the internet is wrong, and evil and written by ogres and we will rot in hell for even switching the computer on...... (yeah yeah, I've heard it all before :( )

I do have ideas Wakeham, about what we should do with doctors like this one, but they are not printable on this forum !!

Nel xx


Hi Nel,

Thanks so much for your help, I will go on the site and have a good read, which will give me something to discuss with her !! But as you say they get very uptight if you are trying to find an answer yourself, I told her that I was reading about Healthy Thyroid her remark to that was "these people have to say these things to get their books to sell they write what they think you want to hear"!! It is no wonder we have problems with the way doctors are treating us. I wonder how long it will take to get my TSH and T4 to those levels on the 25mcg that she has percribed for me at present!!

But all i can say is thank you once again Nel.

Regards wakeham.


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