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Pale skin

This post is about my son who is deathly white, always has been pale but seems to be worse now in his early teens, he has had a lot of blood tests and everything except vit d (which was low) was normal, he has three months of high Vit D3 to take. I suppose I should accept he is just pale, but am worried as even strangers comment on it. Any thoughts, ideas, info very welcome. He doesn't have a thyroid problem, am just picking your brains hope that is ok :)

Thank you in advance!

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I have just googled "pale skin" and as you probably are already aware there are certain medical conditions that can present themselves by having pale skin.

However, you say your son has been blood tested so presumably these conditions have been eliminated.

How does your son present? If he is happy, healthy and fun loving, I don't think it matters what colour his skin is.


Difficult to say really as he has ASD and Tourette's he is a hard one to unpick!

He is Vit D deficient and taking a big dose now for 3 months, he is very tired in the morning and has incredibly bad breath and has had for years.

He is a terrible worrier and is on Sertraline for anxiety and Melatonin for sleeping.


I presume he has had his iron tested. :)

But what do you mean by 'normal'? If you mean just in range, then maybe he isn't high enough in range. A ferritin that is just scraping along the bottom of the range may be 'in range' but not high enough for him.

What exactly has he been tested for? It might help people help you if you posted the results, with the ranges, so people can see exactly what's going on.

Hugs, Grey


I will ask for a print out of his results greygoose thank you.




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