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Vitamin D supplements and insomnia?

Someone asked me this today, although supplementing has markedly helped their CFS symptoms, esp day fatigue & painful joints, but they're wide awake at 3am and can't get back to sleep. Familiar?

I too am wide awake in the early hours but have done this way before supplementing, but sleepy in mornings - so is it the circadian adrenal thing coming to the surface next? or by taking sunshine in a drop am I expecting it to be daylight?

Thoughts anyone? (Obviously tonight it's helpful to deal with the Santa thing for young ones! and generally to help remember to put the sabre tooth cat out) Jane :D x

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I had insomnia even though pains/aches/stiffness had gone since adding T3 and then went onto dessicated. When I switched to Naturethroid I have slept, more or less, normally and waken refreshed, warm, and have energy all day. I also know that some people have different reactions to meds.

Since beginning Naturethroid in May (I had tried a couple of desicated before that) I have an occasional off day but I still feel good. I supplement with Vit D and Vit B12.

It is trial and error I think but shortly after beginning Levothyroxine I had widespread body pain/stiffness as well as tachycardia and palps.I saw neurologist and cardiologist but (as usual) nothing wrong. When I stopped Levo, heart calmed down and pains went.


Hi Shaws - I've yet to get the thyroid treatment stage. I do seem to be waking with palps again 'tho, hate 'em! Glad you're doing well on Naturethroid. Merry Xmas - back to peeling sprouts! J x


Hi Ted,

I take Vit D in the mornings with milk, I will make sure they know this. I think they go to bed quite early so if Vit D is helping, of course you will be less tired!

I was wondering about the melatonin connection too, that's interesting, and avoid bright light in the evening, it all makes sense. Thanks, Jane :D


Do you have any recommendations for a good melatonin product please Ted?


Thanks Ted - that's really helpful - I'll give it a go.




I love taking Vit D3. My level was 28 in January 2012 and went up to 135 a few months later after taking 5,000 IU D3 a day.

I have had no bad side effects of any of the meds and supplements I have been put on, and vit D3 has cured the nasty bone pain I had had in my fingers for a few years. They don't hurt at all any more.

I have never suffered from insomnia, sleeping is my hobby and apparently my biggest talent haha! I do take my vit D3 with breakfast though, so maybe if I took it at night it would affect my sleep, I don't know. The same applies to my DHEA.

koala x


Hi I have always been like this if thyroid "off". now just sometimes but, before I started treatment many years ago, I was like this every night and ended up with just a few hours sleep a night. thyroid was never thought of then.



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