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Itchy and vitamin d

Hello everyone. I am rather inpatiently itching to try the ndt i've now got, but am deficient in vitamin d, which the result was 48 (i'm not sure what the range was) not to bad on iron but slightly low, and withing range but low on vit d, Why do I wlways waffle? anywho gp has perscribed me 1000 iu pro d3 and I seemed to feel itchy, has anyone else experienced this? is there a good time of day to take d3, I feel a bit mixed up with what supplement to take and when...I have so many. Do You think that I really do have to wait for the deficiences to pick up before moving on to ndt on the ct3m, I do have low adrenal problems. Sorry for the waffle any advice gratefully recieved xx

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You could start on NDT but you will probably find that you need to start very slowly if your iron and cortisol are a little low. You may find that you can't increase as high as you need until everything else is sorted out, but play it by ear and see what happens. The iron is likely to cause you more trouble with increasing dose than the vitamin D, and of course the low cortisol won't help either. You will need to be fairly patient with the increases. If an increase causes you trouble then revert to your previous dose and try again with a smaller increase after a couple of weeks. Using the CT3M should help with your cortisol levels if they are low.

I don't know about the itching. I've not come across that before.

I hope that helps a little.

Carolyn x


Carolyn Thank you so much x


sarahstella, check the ingredients in your vitamin D supplement, it may be a reaction to one of the ingredients?

some vit D are in peanut oil.....


I was wondering that too - but on the Pro D3 site it says does NOT contain peanut oil - if it IS 'Pro D3' that is?

Not heard of itching on D3 before either.

I have biomulsion D3 drops (from bodykind) & feel much better - but it takes a while, 4 months for me J xx


Hi thanks both yes that is the brand. I will leave it a few days then try it again and see what happens x


If I can remember correctly, with Vit D at first I had even more aches/pain esp, nasty sharp shin pain, but I stuck with it, then it eased off.

My result at first was 40 'inadequate' but my daughter was 'deficient' at 20 something - she had drops & did better in the same time (85) compared to my H&B pills plus a holiday in Egypt! (50) so I changed to drops too. 85 is an OK level (sorry can't think what the actual value was npol/L maybe?) but 100 is optimal - that reminds me to get tested again (private nhs lab ) J x


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