Getting hot and cold is this normal?

hi is anyone feeling hot and cold have been on levo for 3years was going ok till this year was only on 25mg then changed to 25mg everyother day till june this year was really hot at night didnt sleep at all and put on 2 stone went to gp now on 50mg one day then 100mg the next have been on that dose for 6 my feet and legs are freezing rest of my body hot even worse when im rushing a round.just waiting on blood results is this normal?

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  • Hi I was like that even when my thyroid controlled. I thought it was thyroid and heart but turned out to be my diabetes, then undiagnosed. So, make sure you have the two separate blood tests for Diabetes, glucose and the better Hb 1ac, Also make sure you have had a test for free T3 with the TSH and T4 as a lot of people ( and me ) found that the T3 accounts for a lot of the thyroid symptoms especially weight. T3 often lowers the TSH. A lot of us on treatment find the FT3 needs to be nearly at the top of range. Also, you do not mention your age ( understandably!) but if older, my friends all call it a faulty thermostat ! I hope this gives you some ideas. My endo says that T4 takes at least a month to reach optimum level.


  • hi thanks for your reply will ask gp see if she will test me as it does run in the family.i am 48 she seems to think i feel like this cause i maybe going through the change which some of the sypmtoms are the same another thing is i have the coil not really interested in taking it out has been in for 5years im convinced this is making me worse .

  • Hi Remember to click to reply, anyway I found it. Another thing I forget around and post menopause thyroid disease is very common.

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  • sorry new to this glad i found this site very useful.And thanks for your feed back.

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