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Hypo but normal temp and issue is normally too hot and sweaty

Ola again. I have read a lot on here from my fellow hypo's that you generally have low body temps and feel the cold terribly. I however normally have temp around 36.8-37.0 and am normally hot, and v sweaty. Hubby refuses to have window at night so I end up roasting and sweaty. This generally continues throughout the day. I think he has the house like a sauna. On the odd occasion that I am cold, it's doesn't last long and then all of a sudden almost want to rip my clothes off as become so unbelievably hot. I'm 35 and have been hypo for 12 years on 200mcg levothyroxine. Is it just me?! X

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Mmmm, little confused now. Yes a few of the symptoms but then I am awaiting a haematologists app to hopefully deal with a low B12 so the symptoms seem to overlap. Also our home is only 6yrs old and not a sign of damp or mold anywhere.

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Unfortunately if you are genetically susceptible to mould biotoxin illness and you have been exposed to moulds at any time in your life, e.g. school, work, holidays, university etc. etc., this will stay with you however new your house is. Even new houses can promote mould growth too which is not visible to the naked eye in plasterboard, wallpaper paste and anything containing MDF board. It really is worth checking out Dr. Shoemaker's site. Jane x


I see, sorry was being a bit dim! It's difficult isn't as symptoms seem to cross over so frequently. I have had a look through the first and will look through the second after putting my little chap to bed x thank you x


.....maybe it would be good if we could see your last blood results for the thyroid - TSH FT4 FT3. If you are not converting well from T4 into T3 - it could be that the T4 is converting into rT3 which can make you feel toxic and with that comes the sweaty syndrome....nothing medical about my comment - just an inkling....and the blood tests with ranges would help.


Mmmm, in April

free t4 23.2

Tsh 0.05

Serum free triiodothyronine 5.1

They changed my dosage then and since have had only 2 tsh tests which were 2.3 in July and 2 in August. Something I have noticed though is that my tsh I've the last few years has always been 0.something but then a jump to the 2's when they reduced my dose from 250 to 200. Asked them not to as was still so tired :-( haematologists next week as b12 was 180, 226 and 205. Dr ignored the 180 and has said I am now in range! I flippantly remarked only just!!! Lol she did laugh with me! X

Reply don't mention ranges - but judging by others in the UK your FT4 and FT3 sound good. Not sure why the TSH is creeping upwards. Have you had your anti-bodies tested for Hashimotos ? Adrenals ? Please ensure your Doc realises that having a low B12 is no laughing matter. Iron Ferritin Folates and VitD - all need to be high in the range for you to feel well.

Hope all goes well....


Hi Thyroidseb, ask your doctor for a hormone test to see if you're anywhere close to menopause. Sounds alarming, especially because of your age, but when I was on a very low dose of Thyroxine briefly a couple of years or so ago, I almost immediately started to have raging hot flushes at night and eventually came off the medication thinking it was that (but the doctor did say it might be my age, which I was rather put out about at the time, damn cheek), which helped for a while, then I gradually started to have the hot flushes again as the months went on. I didn't know it at the time, but I was heading into menopause. HRT was my saviour for all sorts of things other than hot flushes, which there seemed to be no end to and I put up with these for a couple of years. In my mind the Thyroxine did increase my body temperature a lot at the time, but on top of emerging menopausal symptoms it hit the roof. However, I never got the flushes during the day while on Thyroxine. This only happened when I was entering menopause a couple of years later.

I think you're right in relating good body temperature to good thyroid function. A good body temperature shows that the metabolism is working well.


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