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Blood test results

I have received my blood test results so can someone please tell me what I should publish in order for the forum to assist me? I logged my issues recently. Doctors state I am in the 'normal' range whatever that is!! After three years I am now walking like I am 75 pain is constant in my legs I have gained 6 stone, my hair is falling out, i feel lethargic and sleepy almost all the time, I cant walk too far because i get breathless and my feet and knees hurt, my skin is dry and patchy and I feel like giving up on this diagnosis of under active thyroid complicated by menopause!!! I just want to feel better. I want to lose weight and enjoy my life and play with my grandchildren, I am 58 but feel 78! Please can someone advise me on what I can do? We have recently relocated and I have an opportunity to see whether a new GP is more helpful than the last one. Have not seen an endocrinologist since early 2011 when they signed me off. I take 75mcg of levothyroxine daily. Ozmeprazole 40mg per day Ranitidine once at night (all due to high level of acid reflux). I was also told I had a severe vitamin D deficienbcy so took calcium forte vit D for two years but have now been told I am fine. Really?

I have stopped HRT after 14 years and now suffer terrible night and day sweats which I have somewhat relieved by taking Boots branded Menopause Night and Day tablets. But I still have zero energy and have significant difficulty in walking for long periods and I have already been diagnosed with Carpal tunnel in both wrists (severe in the right hand). Any advice assistance would be greatly received.



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Whatever results you post, please also include the range (shown in brackets) as the ranges vary quite a bit from lab to lab, and what figure may be ok at one lab isnt at another.

You should have TFT's - THS, FT4 and T3 (if they did it), also your vit D, b12, ferritin and foliates,and calcium if they didnt check these make sure you ask next time you go for then to be checked!


I am not medically qualified but you seem to be very hypothyroid - despite your 'normal 'range. It is very unfortunate that our doctors diagnose by blood test alone and do not take into account our clinical symptoms.

As stated above get a print-out from your surgery of your latest results complete with the ranges (as labs differ) and post her for someone to comment and also have the above blood tests too if you haven't had them previously.

Your levo dose may be too little for you to feel better.

This is a link for info about the opinion of a doctor who has come across many people like you due to the reliance on blood tests alone for diagnosis.

This is another which may give you info and there are other topics on the page.

My symptoms were very much like yours after I began levo but am now well but many of us have to do it outwith the NHS. Some GP's/Endo's are sympathetic and may prescribe alternate ones but they are very far between.

We have to read/learn and be informed and we now know more than many GP's which I would never, ever have imagined before my thyroid went on strike.


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