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Hello and good morning. I am on NDT. I have been for the last year, I feel so much better than when I was slowly falling apart on Levo. However I still get incrediably tierd and get breathless. Since I am self medicating, as my GP told me, my symptoms were down to stress and my age, the menopause and my imagination ( apparently I imagined two stone weight gain) , I am want to take a Blue Horizon Blood test. Can someone advise me which text to ask for. I would like my bituminous and Rt3 and thyroid levels.

Thank you all, this forum have saved me over and over

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That would be my vitamins I want tested and not bituminous. !

Hi Jillkh

Its amazing what our imaginations can do !

Its the plus 15 from blue horizon that includes reverse t3. Blue horizon often do 20% off on bank holiday weekends. But I couldn't see a mention of it when I just had a quick look. So have a search about to see if there are any offers as the plus 15 is pricey.

Also be aware that it takes longer than the other tests up to a couple of weeks I think I've read. SeasideSusie would probably know. Or it may say it in the test blurb somewhere.

Good luck


Thyroid tests including rT3 require a venous draw so you will need a phlebotomist to draw blood. Your GP practice or hospital phlebotomy dept may oblige for £10-£20 fee.

Blue Horizon can arrange for a phlebotomist to visit ones home etc to take a venous sample. If their attempt to take blood proves to be unsuccessful BH still charge for the cos of the home visit.

Thank you for your reply. Luckily a nurse at my GP has agreed to draw the blood

Thank you for your reply. I have ordered one and arranged it with GP

Thank you for your reply. I have ordered one


The Thyroid Plus 15 might be a bit of an overkill unless you want Insulin, HbA1c, and Magnesium tested as well. That costs £249.

The Plus 12 includes the full thyroid panel, rT3 and Vit D, B12, Folate and Ferritin. Costs £189.

Any test that includes rT3 needs a venous blood draw, it can't be done by fingerprick. rT3 takes longer than the other tests, results back in 2-3 weeks.

Disappointing that there's not a general discount this bank holiday like the last two, I'm waiting to do the Plus 12 but need the home phlebotomy service so that's an extra £45!

Thanks for that SeasideSusie I hadn't noticed the rt3 in the plus 12 and a good saving. My finger prick didn't work, my bloods like treacle. But thankfully know a practice nurse who can be bribed with 2 cheap bottles of red to fill a small plastic bottle with my red stuff 👍

My very first attempt was a bit miserable Kitti1 , it was clotting in the microtainer and I ended up sterilising a sewer and poking it. Just about managed to get enough but was surprised I actually got any results!!!

Am an old hand now and know what to do. One thing that did ale a difference to me - I leave off my D3/K2 combo for a few days. I know that K1 is supposed to aid clotting, not K2, but for me my blood flows better when I don't take it for a we days. And a bowl of hot water. I'd love to have someone who could do me a venous blood draw, especially as I want to include rT3.

Thank you for your reply. In the end I decided not to include the Rt3. I think I was just getting overly anxious!

I self check my blood and find that using any form of heat against my fingers will encourage the flow of blood and thus enable me to obtain an adequate amount of blood to drop on the test strip. I usually just rest my hand on a heat pad or else hold a cup of hot water or tea .

The lancets have to be of a certain calibre depending on which test one is undergoing. That is they have different calibres of lancets for those checking their blood for blood sugar and INR etc.

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