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Suppressed TSH - Dr P's thoughts - PT208

Has anybody tried Nutri's PT208 Pituitary support...suitable for vegans/vegetarians. It's a combination of herbs and vitamins.

I have a 'suppressed TSH' and Endo wants me on Carbi for 18 mnonths to see if it will stimulate TSH. Dr P says 'I don't think much will stimulate TSH activity' although he has suggested the Nutri option.

I am content with the 'flat TSH' - as long as the other numbers are ok and I feel well.

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Dear Celora

I've been taking Nutrithyroid for 6 months now (recommended by Dr P.) my latest TSH was suppressed at 0.06 and Dr Peatfield said that it was actually better for being suppressed. My Free T4 is still hovering in the bottom half at 14.8 and has gone up from 13.1. I feel a lot better & lots of symptoms are going.

Nutrithyoid is the Bovine Glandular and I take 6 a day.

Flo B


Thanks for this. I don't think the ideas is for me to take any thyroid support at this time - having flipped hyper a few months' ago. When I am off Carbimazole, hopefully, then the thinking wasa to try the pituitary support. I am quite happy with a flat TSH - as it seems ok for me!



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