Suppressed TSH


Got my results for thyroid in and need some advice () are the lab ranges

T4 is 13.9 (12.0-22.0)

T3 is 3.8 (3.1-6.8)

TSH is 0.11 (0.27-4.2)

Doc will want to reduce levy I just know it as TSH "below range"

Results are based on 84mg of levy thyroxine and 12mg T3 daily

I am so tired, very anxious and lose my temper at the drop of a hat. And cry for no reason

Any advise as seeing consultant next week and doc on Friday

Help I need advise so I can tell the doc.

I just want to cry I'm so fed up

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How are your levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin & VitD ? Reading earlier posts I cannot see the results 😊 When they are all low nothing seems to work well and we feel rotten ....

All ok appsrebtky

According to whom? Your doctor? He has no idea. Get the numbers, and the ranges, and post them on here. Someone on here will tell you if they're 'OK' or not. And, what to take to make them 'OK'. :)

B12 folate 529ng/l (197.0-771.0)

Serum bit b12 10.3ug/l (3.9-25.0)

I'm confused. Why have you given two B12 results? Shouldn't the second be folate? And the first B12? If so, they are good.

What about ferritin and vit D?

Sorry I was typing quickly. Bit of a stressful day

Will look over my results tomorrow and see what's on there


You aren't over medicated because FT4 and FT3 are within range. In fact, they are both low in range and reducing dose because TSH is mildly below range will drop them further. Some people need TSH low so tell your GP you do not consent to a dose reduction and would prefer to have your dosing guided by your consultant.

Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

You must be feeling awful with such low T4 and T3.

I am

I'm manic, I cry a lot, I'm angry

So can a low TSH be ok long term

Should I try as ask to get y levels up on t3 and t4 as in the low side of the range

My brain fog is stopping from fighting and standing up for myself as I just break down

I'm so stressed

I need to be strong not only for me but for husband as we find out tomorrow if he has cancer

It's all too much

I need to be fit and healthy and I'm not

Oh I am so sorry that you have more worries at present with regard to your husband. Both of you will be very worried at present and weighed down with stress. My best wishes to both for tomorrow but you'll probably be unable to sleep.

If doctor suggest lowering dose, refuse. You can always get your own if desperate. They have no understanding of how unwell we can be as hypo affects us from head to toe. Not just one area.

If someone has had thyroid cancer, they have to have a suppressed TSH and they don't drop dead with a heart attack and TSH is uselesss it just gives the pharmaceutical companies pots of money.

Tick off the following:

Good doctors treat their patients and not the TSH but many doctors have to following the guidelines.

Most on this forum treat themselves. You are taking an unusual dose. I think an increase would not go amis and the following is by a Trustee of and we have an Adviser whose team have proved that some need T3 added to T4.

sorry Shaws - did you forget to attach the thing by the Trustee ?

I know thyroidsknackered and am interested in what advice she can get re medication levels given her recent results and horrible symptoms - should she up T4 ? would a doctor agree to that given her supressed TSH ?

Thanks for hint :)

Dr Lowe had also wrote about The Tyranny of the TSH. Unfortunately out of print now that he's died.

The blood tests were introduced along with levothyroxine.

Before that we were diagnosed upon symptoms alone and given a trial of NDT until we were symptom free. No blood tests as far as I know.

There are many doctors who have the same views that TSH is useless when trying to get patients well. If we took too much for us we'd have bad effects and reduce ourselves I should think.

Thank you xx


A low TSH long term if imperative for many to function well on Levothyroxine.

Your T4 & T3 levels are both low and could be responsible for the anxiety and brain fog you are feeling at present.

Thyroid meds only work well for some who keep their iron and nutrient levels at an optimal level. Ask your GP to test ferritin, folate, Vit B12 and Vit D and post results complete with ranges, for members to comment.

I am sorry to hear about your husband. Good luck for tomorrow.

B12 folate levels 529ng/l (197.0-771.0)

Serum bit b12 level 10.3ug/l (3.9-25.0)

Simple for whatever reason you are not conveting t4 into t3 which is what every single cell needs to function

TSH is irrelevant its t4 and t3 that must be near top of their ranges if you are 2 feel well

You cannot tell how well she's converting because she's taking T3. Admittedly, she needs and increase in T3, but that will lower the TSH even more, so it's doubtful if her doctor will agree.

what's the solution do you think ? this is tricky ( I know Thyroidsknackered and she's desperate for medication suggestions ... which is so hard given the TSH result !!!

Almost impossible, I would say. Doctors know so little about thyroid. The only solution, as I see it, is self-treatment. She could buy her own T3 and take as much as she needs.

thanks greygoose

You're welcome. :)

I have my own T3

I take this with support of of my consultant

I am seeing him next week so can chat to him about it.

So if taking T 3 means it will suppress my tosh

I'm trying so hard to understand but so hard to concentrate

Sounds mad I know but I struggle to just listen and remember

Not mad at all. That's the way being hypo affects you. Your brain needs a lot of T3, so if your T3 is low, it's normal that the brain doesn't work very well.

The TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - is a pituitary hormone.

When the pituitary senses that there's not enough thyroid hormone in the blood, it secretes TSH to stimulate the thyroid to make more hormone.

When the pituitary senses that the thyroid has made enough hormone, it lowers the secretion of TSH.

Your thyroid cannot response to the stimulas of the TSH, so your hormones have become very low, and the TSH high. And you have to take thyroid hormone replacement (T4 and T3).

If you take enough T3, the pituitary is going to sense it in the blood, and stop secreting TSH BECAUSE YOU DO NOT NEED IT. That is the most important thing to remember. You do not need TSH anymore because you are taking enough T3.

Low TSH, when you are on thyroid hormone replacement, is not any sort of a problem. It will not affect your heart and it will not affect your bones. TSH only 'communicates' with the thyroid gland, nothing else. So, if you have enough T3 in your blood, you do not need TSH, so the pituitary will stop secreting it.

Doctors just do not understand that. They think that an under-range TSH means you are over-medicated. But it doesn't. The range is only there for the purpose of diagnosing (and even then it's not much good). It is not supposed to be used for dosing.

Print this out and look at it when you feel confused. lol :)

Grey goose thank you so much.

I had RAI 3 years ago so no thyroid as far as I'm aware. I will screen shot this post..

As. NO chance of remembering it lol

You're welcome. :)

I can help you remember all this

Thank you xx

I'm only taking 12mg a day of T3 so a Low dose

Yes, I know. So, plenty of room to increase.

in order to help thyroidsknackered can you help me understand the ratio of her meds ( ie what is the equivalent of her T3 dose vs a straight Levo only dose ) - she clearly needs more T3 and good to know that even a lower TSH wont cause any problems ? should she up her Levo or up her T3 do you think ?

Cazza1001, The ratio is really a matter of trial and error. Some people take 100% T3 and feel better on that. Some can manage on Levothyroxine alone, and everything in between. So she can try raising just T3 or a small raise to both.

The important number to raise is freeT3, the rule of thumb is that it should be in the top third of the range.

As she is currently very underdosed, I would expect it to take several small raises to get her numbers up. Best practice is to wait 6 weeks and then order a new blood test, and adjust again.

Ratios are for healthy people, we have to find our own levels.

Or, did you mean equivalent? T3 is said to be 3 or 4 times more potent than T4. But, I say T4 doesn't have any potency if you can't convert it. So, that's another concept that is for healthy people, not for us.

And, I imagine she can't convert it, or she wouldn't have added T3. So, no point in increasing the T4 if she can't convert it, increase the T3.

I did mean equivalent ... I get levo dosing but not T3 dosing !!! thanks again

Well, there's not really a lot of different. Start low and increase slowly, keep increasing until symptoms have gone. :)

My husband and daughter and grandaughters all have zero TSH

all are perfectly fit and well

Great just great.....

doc just called and has suggested lowering my meds as my TSH is too low.

I give up.

The man just wont listen to what I am saying.

I think I need to change my doctor. I cant stand him at the best of times. Now he wants me to be on an even lower dose.

I feel like screaming.

Hi Thyroidsknackerd, I am in a similar situation to you in that my GP wants to lower my meds due to my TSH being low. However, unlike you I am feeling a bit better as my FT4 and FT3 are both high in the range. I have been doing a bit of research before I see my GP and thought the following might be of use to you. The BFT one contradicts itself at the end about low TSH but I plan to leave this bit off.

Hope it's not too late, good luck.

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