From Dr Lowe - suppressed TSH

I wonder what he would say today regarding the removal of T3 from desperate patents. I also think he was referring to Dr P and Dr S as well as others who lost their licences.

This is an excerpt from the following link:

Since I wrote my answer to the woman's questions, I've had to control the outrage that I must quash inside myself every day. It wells up from my awareness of the misery hypothyroid patients suffer from the commercially-driven dictates of the endocrinology specialty (dictates that the specialty euphemistically calls "practice guidelines").

At the same time, I've felt a mixture of other emotions from my memory of conversations with many practicing clinicians. They've admitted to me that they know the specialty's dictates harm patients. They comply with the dictates, however, from fear of retaliation from the endocrinology specialty through medical regulatory boards.

I feel especially outraged over the suffering of British patients from the recent diagnostic and treatment recommendations of the British Thyroid Association and the Royal College of Physicians. I say "especially outraged" because I fully expect that the recommendations will cause even more widespread suffering than already afflicts so many British hypothyroid patients.

As I reflect back over my years of clinical practice, I see countless faces of hypothyroid patients. Most of the patients had long suffered due to the endocrinology specialty's dictates. Many of their faces were wet with tears, others were clinched tight from anger, and still others were weary or despondent from the dismal days-and-nights the dictates had caused them to suffer through. And I can never stop thinking about all the people yet to become hypothyroid, many of whose lives those dictates will spoil, outright ruin, or bring to a premature end.

I know some clinicians who courageously violate the specialty's dictates. By doing so, they get many hypothyroid patients well. But those few clinicians practice medicine in constant danger of local endocrinologists filing complaints against them with medical regulatory boards. The complaints most often cite the clinicians for suppressing patients' TSH levels. Only if a hypothyroid patient has had thyroid cancer does the endocrinology specialty approve suppressing his or her TSH, allowing the benefits that come from it, such as a longer life, improved health, and an improved sense of well-being.

But if a patient hasn't had cancer and suppresses his or her TSH with thyroid hormone, the increased life span, better health, and improved well-being, according to the specialty, must be "placebo effects." And the specialty warns that the price the patient is likely to pay for enjoying those "placebo effects" is osteoporosis, adrenal crisis, or sudden death from a heart attack. No endocrinologist I've ever asked has explained to me why these adverse effects don't befall thyroid cancer patients who live for decades with suppressed TSH levels. But feeling justified in "protecting" the non-cancer patients from their TSH-suppressing clinicians, some endocrinologists send complaints to regulatory boards, and woe betide the cited clinicians.

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I wonder what he would say! He says it all here - they know what they are doing...just so wrong.

We know doctors have been penalised and also the fact that the BTA's wrong with regard to both NDT and T3.

Whilst the likes of Weetman and Vanderpump rule our worlds!

Wasn't Weetman involved in some development in a synthetic T4/3 that did not get approval?

Not heard that one 😊 Thought he was the guy that said it's all in our heads 😴😴

He was.

And Vanderpump seems able to issue T3 when doing so 'privately'.

Wonder if anything ongoing in the background? Would be good time for the one's who have denied us all along -get rid of T3, then come up with a synthetic T4/3 to be the only alternative available to T4. What a nice little earner that would be for them! Sorry my latest conspiracy theory. There is definitely something more behind all this. Why issue a new license to manufacture, if hell bent on removing t3 from prescription?

Me = Devoid of trust!

Thank you for the link - interesting. I feel the 6.25 of T3 will not set the world on fire - sadly.

And it was not approved, probably just as well as would be hailed as the new wonder drug but would probably be just as ineffective as T4 for those who struggle already.

Prof W said I did t need T3 as it doesn't do anything, a week later I heard he was doing his own thing-I briefly thought of asking to be a guinea pig but thought better if it but heard nothing more.

May be it failed as it didn't have any T3 in it!!! Or should I say had T3 in that didn't do anything.

Why then is levo supposed to convert to T3. They are so unbelievable ignorant, I cannot understand their mentality at all.

Why am I very unwell on levo but well on lio (if it doesn't do anything at all). No wonder we are all in a pickle if even experts are not 'experts' at all.

I'm just very glad I know a bit about it and can move on but it is worrying! I found him to be a very nice polite person but sadly that doesn't always equate with success.

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