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help needed please as I am so confused. G.p say abnormal results and to stop eltoxin?

I was debating, whether to return a phone call back to g.p as was apprehensive about my results being normal. infact most of my results are abnormal and was told to get of eltoxin, as I dont need then arghhhh but thyroglobulin was not tested as g.p felt its not important test and endo wont see me because the eltoxin have caused abnormal results. but i still have smptom

my iron was borderline low, my fsh was low, arthitus in neck and low P T H

question, taking 25mcg eltroxin would lower T S H right, then why am i still having problems?

should i order more test? reccomendations please

I really cant deal with the fight but i need assistance?

thanks kindly

merissa xx

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Hi Merissa - please can you post the actual result together with the ranges. Thanks xx


will ask tomorrow for print out, it was intermated by g.p that they was abnormally low.

xxxx ta hun


Are you saying that you had a low Parathyroid Hormone result? Is that what the PTH means?, dont mean to sound dim but needed to ask.

Have you ever had your VitD tested as a low Parathyroid test but normal calcium test resulted in my doc diagnosing me with severe vitD deficiency. Once my VitD was at a healthy level my parathyroid level went up.

Moggie x


Yes Moggy P T H parathyroid been low since last March, I feel so ill with severe muscle cramps body twithching, bone pain, muscle pain.

My vitamin d was low but was given meds to bring up the range.

G.p wants to do another blood test again, but I feel so poorly especially in the eve, even holding a cup hurts my arm muscles.




How long and at what strength did your doc suppliment you for?

Moggie x


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