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All my test results in easy to read format

I have just got all my medical records since I was born - very freaky!

I have gone through and pulled out all my test results and put when my medications where changed and wondered if anyone would have a look at them for me. They are:

TSH (0.25-5)FT4 (9-23)FT3 (3.5-6.5)

19/09/20088.17 12

T4 started at 25

24/11/20083.05 13

T4 increased to 50

18/02/20091.01 17

22/05/20091.72 12

18/08/20092.09 14

13/11/20091.25 14

T4 increased to 75

26/02/20101.01 14

05/07/20101.45 12.2 4.1

T4 reduced to 50 T3 of 20 added

Mid Sep 100.15 10.5 4.6

Now if I am looking at them with simplistic eyes I see that my FT4 was 12 when I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and it is now 10.5. Logically I see that if my TSH levels were high because my body was telling it that it needed more and 12 was the max it could output then why would I be feeling great at 10.5? Also all my tests I took my medication before it as was not told anything different except for the last one where I didn't take anything and had it done in the morning.

I would value your opinions. Thank you. Sorry it won't let me put it in table format.

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Really good to hear of someone apparently doing well!

A very rough approach to working out T3 and T4 equivalence is that T3 is four times as potent as T4. So 50 T4 plus 20 T3 approximates to 110 of T4 - a significant increase from the 75 you were on before.

The lower fT4 level is not so important when you are not relying on it so heavily - that is, you are getting T3 directly and that is being topped from the fT4.

I do highly recommend you continue having blood drawn without taking thyroid hormones on the same day (preferably as early as possible). Even if you disregarded everything else, it makes for more consistency in results.



Hey. Not sure on your comment of apparently doing well? I am feeling really awful and I think worse than when I was originally diagnosed although better than when just on the T4..


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