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Help -new shipping restriction impeding import of thyroid meds

Hi everyone,

I have been taking Armour Thyroid for over two years now which my GP refuses to prescribe although she acknowledges it really helps me! Levothyroxine with T3 doesn't work for me. I have been formally diagnosed with hypothyroidism by our docs. I order it from a reputable pharmacy in the USA. Recently new additions on import duty, UK postal charges, threat of terrorism has slowed what was no more than a two week process to about 6weeks. On top of which I have just learnt that the USA has introduced new checks their end, due to fear of terrioism, that now delays parcels by up to three weeks BEFORE leaving their country. Consequently my last order from this USA pharmacy was sent out early November and hasn't even left the USA yet -The Post Office have now advised me that even if it is cleared to go in the USA now it would be unlikely to arrive at my house before the end of January 2011. This measn it will have taken 3 months!! Am panicking because i will run out of Armour before the end of December. Anybody got any ideas on what i can do?

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I have used

They set up a US postal address for you, the pharmacy sends the meds to your US address and Bongo send it onto your home address. You are effectively posting it to yourself. You still have to Pay UK duty but it is so quick, they walk your package through customs and contact you for duty payment. I am in the process of racing a package with Bongo and normal shipment. Normal shipment had a weeks head start and I'm still waiting for it. there is also on called

Get involved. If others are having this problem we should make this known.

Hope this helps



Thanks Jonny -I will get it set up -then presumably you order at your usual US pharmacy but use the Bongo US adress?


Hi Jonny,

I have set up an account with Bongous -unfortunately the Pharmacy in America that I use doesn't ship to America -its only licensed to ship Internationally....I was so close! May I ask which Pharmacy you use?


The canadian pharmacies will ship to America........ not sure about the position with prescriptions though.


Thanks Nelly -unfortuantley the Candain ones I've found require a prescription. there is pahrmacy called [on-line supplier] (not in canada) that will sell meds without prescription but don't know them -has anybody used them before?


Jonny, thanks a lot for those links that is really cool! I think I've come across a few no-prescription Canadian pharmacies, but that ship to the US only - if so this means it might be possible to get Erfa's thyroid.

Waveylines, which pharmacy have you been using?


My first order (from [on-line supplier] ) took about 4 weeks - that was registered mail. My second order was using the cheapest delivery option and it came in a week! I was really surprised. Both orders were under £18, so that probably has something to do with it, but that second order was very recent so it should already have been affected by the changes mentioned by Waveylines. I have another order that's over £18 - we'll see how long that takes.

If anyone needs medication fast to tide them over, think about making a small order under £18.

All the best


Dr John Lowe has formulated a non-prescription dessicated product which may help. I do not know whether it would have problems being posted.


Thanks -that's really interesting -it's a fascinating site with lots of info on it.


Hi -I just would like to thank everybody for their support whilst i panicked over the lack of dessicated meds I had in my cubboard. All is now resolved thanks to the great advice i received from you lovely lot. :) As a bonus I have now finally managed to convince another GP practice to prescribe Armour Thyroid on a green prescription (taken me over 6 months & persistant phone calls & its bye bye to my grumpy present GP practise!) -a better Christmas present I couldn't have!!!

Happy Christmas everyone!



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