Someone just tell me I'm not crazy

Im Brenda and im 45 yrs old. Ok So I went to the hospital again the other n I ght. Left in tears . So frustrated and the dr just treats me like I'm waistng his time or like I'm a hypochondriac. I've felt awful for a week now . Not able to do much outside my bedroom. It feels like some one has their hands around my throat. The left side of my face go us numb and top of my head tingles as well as my hands and feet

I been extremely tired to the point it's hard to write on this post without nodding off. My hands get shaky and I feel the same shakin ess in my chest and arms. I feel this fullness on the left side of my neck. But it's not huge. Its just slightly swollen. It feels like the shakiness Is radiating out of my neck. Been like this for days and getting worse. I get short of breath randomly and get pain in my head that comes and goes. The Dr's tell my my thyroid is normal and the checked my heart and did a c scan and said everything is fine. I just don't know what else it could be but I know what I'm feeling is real. Why would I want to conjure symptoms that kept me away from all the things I love. So yet again I get turned away leaving it up to me to figure out what to do. ALL my brother and sisters were diagnosed with a thyroid disorder as well as their children my children and my mother, so I just assume it must have something to do with it. I cry everyday because I just want to feel ok again and hope I can find a way out of this hole I'm in. I have seen three different Dr's this year all just send me away. I tell them of my family history and they won't even go past the Tsh test. Is there anyone out there that has the same syptoms I do that can give me hope I'm on the right path? THANKS TO EVERYONE

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  • Hi, first off do you know what your results are for your tsh and anything else you have had checked?

  • YOU ARE NOT CRAZY x That is a fact ! Ask for your test results and post them on the forum..that's the best place to start. Stuff what the doctor makes you feel like, that is their problem. You definitely need to get B12 / Vit D ferratin and folate tested. TSH/ T4/T3/ free T4 Free T3 TPO. If they won't test them after you insist they do then request a second GP at the surgery or change surgery. Many of us here can relate to your symptoms and lack of knowledge by their GP. I'm feeling angry and am passionate about neglectful Thyroid medical care because I have been a victim of it and close relatives have also. Get the boxing gloves out and start to fight. Here comes my old saying ' Don't sit down Doc, because I can't hear you when you are talking out of your backside !' that was my polite version by the way. Best Wishes you can get through this. x

  • Mango_555 - ha-ha.....I love this saying of yours "Don't sit down Doc, because I can't hear you when you are talking out of your backside ! ". It is a cracker.

  • Thank you. I also like your response 'it's a cracker'... x

  • Been there do that!! I have been to the ER 10x in the past 8 years, treated like a nut and told to get psychiatric help. It was hashimotos going hyper off and on. I had to order my own set of tests. Still today, all doctors don't get it. I self treat, but am mentally, emotional and physically scared by the doctors uncaring attitude and total ignorance..they just don't care.

  • The advice about getting tests and posting your results so that we can give our opinions is correct, try to do this ASAP. The two cents worth I would like to add is that you should not feel bad about changing doctors, that is not unusual in this field. I am on my fourth doc, one GP and three Endos. Most of them are undereducated in the field of endocrinology, eventually you will find one that is OK, just OK, not great. And yes, they don't care very much because they have no answers and ignoring us is their path of least resistant . They often get a good name in endocrinology because they are good at diabetes, a much easier disease to manage - and get accolades. Ask your questions on this site, it is the best around.

  • 7658 hi Brenda.. dont ever give up hope! i think like so many of us on here, we are all on our own journey .. but have many similar experiences.. u just have to move on from the docs that dont know wot they are talking about, to the next one... and the next one.. sadly i think its very common for GPs, even endos, not to have the knowledge we expect from them, but keep reading, empower yourself, and one day, you will find that one special person that believes you.. i know, because i have read it so many times.. stop the thyroid madness is a fab book.. and get ur knowledge off the internet, from people like dr john lowe.. they give us hope.. its a sad state of affairs wen we have to do their jobs for them.. but it is your body, so YOU take control of it . you take care and keep smiling.. even if you are crumbling inside . Big hugs xxxx

  • Thank u so much. Was very inspiring

  • Hi. Hope this info helps you. I've learned two things. Many Drs only check TSH. I was told I was fine. I went to an endocrinologist who did a full thyroid panel (any good Dr can) and I didn't even have a thyroid gland. (hasimotos). You can ask to see test results as well. TSH alone can be very misleading. Many Drs misdiagnose on TSH alone. I'm fortunate that my insurance allows me to see a specialist without a referral as well. Just check that they do a full panek. TSH is inaccurate if you have a long time problem. The other thing I learned: the emergency room is supposed to see if you might suffer further damage, or die. If need to make an appointment with a regular Dr to get to the bottom of your problem. I went to ER 6 times. Was admitted and kept for a week each time. This was six consecutive weeks. I really thought they cared to find out what was at the bottom of my problem. ( turned out inoperative lymphoma) Got out each time one week later and was back again within two days for six weeks in a row. They didn't even want to know why I was there previously (the week before) when they asked me what was happening. Apparently, They aren't really responsible for doing the detective work to find out your condition beyond making sure you gonna live to get a Dr appointment. I could have saved myself some grief if I knew this and made an appointment with a Drs office sooner. This Dr. will pull all the visits, tests etc and do the detective work . ER only makes sure you are not gonna croak or suffer immediate damage. Seems even if you are admitted ER isn't the same as having one Dr that is responsible for all the answers you need. They are doing lots of tests etc..but are trying to save lives. Dr's changing shifts etc. Lots of things are not gonna kill you , or at least not immediately. ER is not taking on the job of your own Dr. I was seriously delayed because I thought since I was admitted all those weeks...I thought they were doing everything a private Dr would do for me. They didn't let me die ( of course) but I left without my answers as well. Sooooooo. While Emergency room has its place... It will not replace your private Dr. Also...if u have to go to the emergency room, call your private Dr and leave a message. He will request tests, and results, and will guide your care and moniter your results. There is not a test for everything. Putting things togeather over time sometimes gives u your answers. Not always instant. Hope this is helpful. Wish I had figured this out sooner.

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