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Help with the dizziness


Hoshimotos dizziness gonna be the death of me, had it for 9 months daily and constant. No vertigo, palpitations and severe fatigue and dizziness. Body feels weak, I don't feel connected to my body anymore. Would love to know how to feel like I'm actually here again. Anyone feel like this and have you actually passed out? That's my main worry, I don't wanna pass out. Is this normal?

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Do you take the same make of levothyroxine each time or do you just take what the chemist gives you.

You are complaining of dizziness but the next sentence says 'no vertigo, palpitations and severe fatigue and dizziness. So I'm a bit puzzled.

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Hello, sorry I feel dizzy all day, but don't have vertigo. The world doesn't spin. And unfortunately they just learned after 9 months of endless other kinds of tests that my TPO and anti DNA levels are high. Just learned it is actually my thyroid, PCP just took another TSH level and wants me back in a week to check again. I fear he is going to be one of those who expects the TSH to be abnormal when I've read it doesn't always have to be off. I get palpitations, fatigue and scary numness and feelings of passing out but never pass out. I haven't been started on any medication yet at all.

You need to put your blood results with ranges on here when you have them and the "resident" experts will advise.

Fainting for the first time ever together with balance problems which are worse after 12 months led to my diagnosis.

Oh thank you, as soon as I return to get my results this Thursday I will add them, looking for any advice also about dietary changes I should be making. Attempting to take some vitamin d along with omegas for now. Also switched to distilled water and am trying to slowly wean out gluten as I learn what can and can't eat. Just sick of the whole thing and hope there is a solution to help me get my life back because prior to any of this I was perfectly healthy so I thought and never thought about fear of my health nor life the way this has caused. thought I was actually dying sometimes before when I had no clue what it was.

I hit the wall last year at the age of 68 ,had been congratulating myself on not having many serious problems other than ankylosing spondylitis .That will learn me!

Make sure it is D.3 .

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I hope you have had your blood test as early as possible as that's when our TSH is highest and most docs diagnose on that alone - ignoring our clinical symptoms as they don't know them anyway. At least you now know it's your thyroid gland. There are about 300 symptoms altogether.

Funnygembunni, post the results in a new question as updates get missed. Please post the lab ref ranges too as they vary across countries and regions.

Gluten-free diet has helped a lot of members reduce antibodies and Hashi flares although it doesn't help everyone. It has to be all or nothing though, a little gluten treat can be enough to cause irritation.

Also ask for a vit B12 test. Low B12 can cause dizziness. And if you're hypo, yours is probably low.

And while you're at it, also get folate, iron and ferritin. I think low iron can also cause dizziness...

Had dizzy spells for nearly year saw E.N.T and within minutes he fixed me. This was a month ago feel so much better can do so much more know. All he done was moved my head side ta side. Was nice to have someone fix a problem for a change. Wish someone could fix my weight problem though

I got dizziness and anxiety when my vit d was low, within a week or two of taking 3000iu it got a lot better. Palps can happen with high or low t3 levels, see what your blood results say.

My balance gets worse when I am undermedicated too.

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