When Will It Stop? Can Anyone Tell me?

Hi You Guys,

Well, another day of hair falling out immensely. I've been about three months on Nature Thyroid and I'm not sure if it's the Nature Thyroid doing it or my body hypo'ing still. I go to the doctor real soon and will get bloodwork. I'm so frustrated with the hair falling out, it drives me nuts. I'm not feeling tired and I have energy but my hair is still coming out in droves. Is this normal for being on the Nature Thyroid? Can anyone tell me? Has anyone experienced this who is on Nature Thyroid?

Ever since I came off my Armour my hypo has had avengance. I've had shedding before I was even on Armour but nothing like this. I am trying to get leveled again and I have to say it's alarming to see this. Another morning of it. I don't do anyting to my hair such as blow dry or curling iron and I always let air dry and it just falls. Is this something that will eventually stop?

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My hair fell out when I was being treated for Graves. I was let to become under active at one point. My endo said it was because I had gone from being very hyper to being very hypo in a very short time.

I got obsessed with it, mainly because everyone said 'but you've got lovely thick hair' so I used to ohotograph it on my iPad and collect each clump from the plug hole - the intention being to take them to the surgery to show they my hair really was falling out. Sanity prevailed and I never got round to doing that though. I think it was probably the thing that bugged me most when I was at my lowest. I got sorted out. And my hair eventually stopped falling out.

I was like you though, I pretty much stopped touching it - I never ran my fingers through it or anything like that. I did buy Kerastase Bain Bio shampoo (helps the scalp - in a blue bottle) and I don't know if that helped or if things would have improved anyway.

My nails were awful at that point too.

Yes, my nails are short and they're not growing since I've been taking the Nature Thyroid and they break on the corners and I have to take a nail file to straighten them out. I'm wondering if it's because I've went from one extreme to the other, too. It could be. Yes, it does bring you down when you see it come out like that. But the weird thing is my energy level is there. I will have to get on the Internet and look up Keratase and order some. I know, sometimes we don't know, do we, if its the meds or our bodies or a product we use. It's difficult to really know what causes things.

Thank you for your help. I hope your hair has came back. I am hoping one day I can be done with it coming out like it is. I know it's just hair but it's a reflection of us. I just know for it to come out like that that there's something wrong. I know it's normal to shed but not to come out in clumps like that.

Thank you kiddo!!!

This is the one I use - not cheap but it lasts quite a long time - I buy it. From Amazon normally - go to the TUK site and buy it thriugh that and Thyroid UK get the profit - I would have given you the Amazon link but it has decided (yet again !) that it doesn't like my password.



how long did it take for the hair loss to stop?


I think it probably took a couple of months. Think I had been taking 50 mcg thyroxine plus 40mcg Carbimazole for six weeks when I went back to see the endo for my second visit and it was a few weeks after that before it stopped. I was probably taking 75/100mcg Levo when it finally settled down.

I also used Meadowsweet shampoo for a little while ( recommended by someone on here) as well as the Kerastase Dermo Calm and occasionally but not often, Neutrigena. I tried to handle it as little as I could too

The hair loss drove me round the bend when it was at its worst. Thankfully it all settled down once I reached my optimum dose of thyroxine. My endo told me it was falling out because I had gone from being very hyper to being very hypo in a very short period of time ( November to February) and that it would settle down once my thyroid settled down, which proved to be right.

There have been lots of posts about hair loss on here. Try typing it into the search window and you'll find lots to read.

I'll do it Greygoose. Thank you kiddo!!!


Mine stopped falling out when I started eating beef liver (iron and b12 rich), so apparently I was anemic. One of the reasons this happens.

I will start doing that. Wow, never heard of that. On my last blood test results I was borderline anemic which has been a couple years ago. I am going to get tested soon so I will be checking for that.

I remember when I got on Amour too that my hair fell out in the beginning too, but then leveled out, and then I came off the Armour (which was a HUGE MISTAKE) it start falling out even more. Then I went back on med and was prescribed Nature Thyroid and have been taking that for a little over three months and there are days where I hardly have anything and then there are days where it just drops (like yesterday). It's definitely hormonal for sure.

Thank you for the tip and I'm going to try that. Endobegone. I am hoping that all of this will stop. It's very disturbing. I had such pretty long thick hair and it's gone now. I've lost about half of it. I can tell but others can't. And maybe just a few of my close people can.

Thank you kiddo!!!! :)

Mine stopped falling out after I started B12 injections. I saw a huge difference within a few weeks. I don't want to give you false hope as it may not be the same thing causing your hair loss but it's worth thinking about.

Hi Emjaytee,

Yes, I will try anything. I have new coming in but I've lost a lot of hair. I had a lot of hair. I have probably lost more than half of it. But there is some coming in but it's slow going. It's like my body is still trying to absorb the Nature Thyroid or something. Who knows! But I am going to get bloodwork done and see what's going on. I had all this balanced out at one time and came off my meds and everything came back with avengance. It's been horrible. Never again will I do that. A lesson to me.

Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. I did stqrt taking Sublingual B12. Are the shots better? I am going to mention it to my doctor too.

Thank you so much!!!!

The sublingual didn't do much for me personally but that may be because by the time I found out through my own research where some of my health problems might originate, I was too depleted for it to have a noticeable effect.

They tested me for everything under the sun (allegedly) nearly fifteen years ago and my GP sat there with one set of results and said "they're all normal, except your red blood cells are a little large but I don't know what that means?" with a confused expression on her face.

After several months of complete negligence and the practice just not taking my problems seriously, I gave up even trying, I didn't have the energy to waste.

Knowing what I know now, I had also described, many times, all the physical symptoms that are common in pernicious anaemia. I'm quite bitter about the 15 years of my life struggling on an empty gas tank and slowly but surely declining and she couldn't even be bothered to do some fundamental homework for me. I heard the usual....oh it's a natural part of aging but I knew that was absolute rubbish. I used to be so active and unstoppable and like you, had very thick hair which is now probably less than half the thickness it was.

Anyway, by the time I realised I needed B12......15 long years later, the sublinguals just wouldn't cut it for me, or, they just don't work for me personally.

My hair wasn't a priority when I discovered B12 jabs, my energy and mood was, but at the time I made the connection ...... my hair was going through a phase of falling out in quantities I've never seen before, but very soon after a few injections, it stopped completely, just normal shedding now which was a welcome surprise. Kind of scared it might come back but at least it's stopped for now and there's no doubt it was because of the injections, in my mind.

Sorry for rambling on but I hope that helps and gives you a clearer picture :)

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