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Hypothyroidism and Levothyroxine

I am about to have a 6 month blood test (having been diagnosed last year).. I have been on 25 mc Levothyroxine since but noticed recently that my fingernails have just been splitting both horizontally and vertically, would this be that the 25 mcgis inadequate now..I have never had very strong finger nails but now they are almost like paper ..I had my second blood test after 6 weeks and dr said to stay on the original dose and to not have another one till now..I will go next week Usually take my Levothyroxine between 5 and 6am..which I realise I must not take..so should I take it when I get back from hospital about 9.30 am or wait till the following 5 to 6 am next morning..thank you


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Hey HAther

Do you have your bloods with the ranges ? 25mcg is the dose my GP started me on and he would have left me there if I hadn't remonstrated. 25mcg is a tiny dose and unlikely to have much of an effect. He may have done what My GP did and left you at the top of the 'range' with a TSH of around 4.5. Once you start therapy you need a TSH of around or <1 and some of us need a suppressed TSH to feel well. 25mcg is a very low starting dose for those who are aged or have heart problems. Are you in either of those categories ? Many GPs are clueless about treating thyroid conditions so let's move things on for you.

You are entitled to your results. Ask for them and also see if your practice is signed up for patient access on line - google patient access. Let's see your bloods with the ranges and we can help you from there. Take your levo after the blood has been drawn and get the earliest appointment you can have for the blood draw. Ideally there are other tests you should have besides TSH; some vitamins and minerals need to be optimal to get your levo working but such a small dose isn't going to repair your finger nails. Do not despair x

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HI Rapunzel..thanks for replying

Original. Result about 6 months ago TSH 3.94 (0.35 a5.5)

T4 13.9 (9.0 - 22.7).. the test 6 weeks after said normal stay on 25mcg and take next test 6 months..I have the form for TFT function test. 1 x clotted with gel (serum) Gold top. Which I will have next week early.

ORiginally I think she had a vitamin sample as well said Vit D was borderline mainly for bones..I have justmhad Dexa scan showing Osteoporosis in spine and osteopenia in hips resutls sending to dr in about two weeks, so I am hoping both results will arrive at aboitmthe same time so,I can make appt. she did not want to give me a print out on the second 6 week blood test as she said nothing to show as it was normal..I,think she meant normal range so I took down the above mentioned nos.

I would say I am 81 and apart from deep afternoon and evening sleeps,when I wake up in a sort of stupor and tender wrists and arms, and cold hands

I am in pretty good health, sleep very well most nights, can walk to town most days and back up steep hill quite easily and don't suffer depression, live a quiet life in a block of retirement flats so am not lonely

MY blood pressure seems a lot,lower since taking Levothyroxine previous approx 140 90 ..now approx 119 78 80

IN my opinion I might have had this for a long time I think Mum had it and my half sister has it..my mum lived to 96 and dad to 86

I am also on Omaprazole which I take after breakfast and simvastatin.

Sorry maybe I have overloaded And given you too much infor ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you for reading HAther

ps all the technical info regarding this is quite difficult to make head or tail of!!


Don't rely on 'normal' there's no such thing for we thyroidies ! Glad your blood pressure has reduced. Are you taking omaprazole for acid reflux and simvastatin for high cholesterol ? They are both symptoms of hypothyroidism and when your hypo symptoms are resolved, both may be less of a problem.

Your GP seems to be taking it as read that you have high stomach acid but it may be low...meaning malabsorption of nutrients, including Vit D. You need VitD3 which should be taken with K2.

In your honourable moccasins I would be trying to lessen the effect of hypo without upsetting the applecart too much...walking up a hill regularly is a laudable thing. I'm conscious that many of the things we might suggest such as comprehensive bloods may be beyond your means but you lived through the war years and contributed to the rebuilding of our country so all hail to you, you deserve the best care the nhs can offer. Your dexa scan should be enough for another vit D test. Don't take your levo on the morning of your next blood test and try to get it early in the morning. The problem is that if TSH is in range ( 'normal' to some ) other tests are often not done.

Splash out on a bottle of Sally Hansen 'double duty' which is a colourless base coat which should protect your nails a little whilst you get to the bottom of your thyroid problem - and it is a condition which runs in families.

Sometimes feeling better lags behind decent bloodwork results but not six months later...

Best to you Hather. If I get to be where you are, top or bottom of the hill, I'll be beside myself with joy xx


Thank you, then I will take my Levothyroxine when I get back from blood test and revert to 5 or 6 am the next day somit won't be a full 24 hours but oresume that's ok really..I have been o 40 gram Omaprazole for many years but eh Dexa nurse said I she is going to advise dr that it's too high as that effects the bone loss, I have had three endoscopoes over the years the last one about two years ago when they said the inflamationm h ad healed but to still stay on that dose, I still get very bad night reflux but the the last one I did not want to be out under..mistake,cos,they they kept telling me to bite really hard and cos I was conscious this time I did it ..and next day my tooth broke ...leaving me with only one remaining and

a ยฃ200 dental bill for a new plate ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Hello rapunzel - I've just put a post up but it's on anxiety forum which I didn't want it to be doh๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I noticed the other day a black line on my index finger nail and thought it was a splinter - but weather not been that good for gardening except a couple of weeks ago but I wore gardening gloves. Have recently been trying to grow my nails they got so far then one by one they've split and broken - so today bought myself some nail hardener and was applying it to my nails - index black line still there but no longer sore - on middle finger and ring finger there is faint line of the same thing - have looked it up on web and it's saying it could be a melanoma - but I am just wondering if it could be meds based - only recently started Carbimazole (Jan) and vitD3 - had bloods done and they have come back ok

Had an unexpected call from GP this morning (if I'd known then about these extra black linesI could have asked her ) to say she's heard from endocrinologist who wants me to go to clinic as I am an ideal candidate for radiation iodine which kills off thyroid but not sure about it as I've read some scary things on thyroid forum. So although I've written to yourself as I'd just read your comments about nail hardener - I would welcome other thoughts if you can't help. Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—



has lots of good links to follow. Double duty isn't a nail hardener Hidden bit should offer some protection from splitting and tearing.

Hope that helps

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Thanks hun I have looked at the thyroid uk site but really doesn't give enough info for me as it doesn't list pros and cons for radiation iodine - I put up another post this morning asking if anyone has got pros and cons for having this done cos I know if I get it done I will probably end up having to take thyroxine and some of the posts I've read it's scary. I've not had any response as yet to my question

I have just put on Sally Hanson advanced hard as nails strengthener.

Hope you have a good day and thanks for replying. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—


Take the levo after the blood is drawn

Cannot believe that you have been stuck on 25mcg for 6 mths thats ridiculous

Your dose should have been increased after 6 weeks and every 4 weeks until your TSH is 1.0

Or below and free t4 and freet3 are both in the upper quadrant of their ranges

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Thnx is it ok to have breakfast first there is nothing mentioned on the form.๐Ÿ˜Š



have the blood drawn early morning and fasting and on no account take the levo in previous 24 hrs

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Thx ..I will take the Levothyroxine about 7 am the day before, no food after evening tea then...I won't take simvastin the night before nor Senna or ducisate, presumably I can drink water until I go..once the nurse told me off for not drinking water as she said that helps the veins fir taking blood....sorry to be a pain !,


water is utterly fine and simply take your breakfast etc with you and eat minute blood is taken along with your thyroid meds

(it wont matter just this time to leave space between levo and food )

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It won't hurt to take it later in the day. As for your fingernails, levothyoxine made my fingernails weaker, hair more brittle, and muscles weaker.

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