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A bit depressed


After all the euphoria of my last GP's appointment well what a crash, bloods came back normal, what a surprise!!! as did glucose levels, at which point I told her that everything hurt, like flu but without the temperature and cold, and, for the first time since diagnosis,10 years plus ago, I had to take two days off work because I was desperately uncomfortable and sore, extremely tired, slept all day Monday. She now thinks I may have fibromylagia, I must admit the symptoms fit, yes I did research it when I got home and I have my blood test booked for tomorrow, (I bet that comes back normal too, I'm sure these tests are rigged!!!!!)

In the meantime, in an attempt to get back to normal I did 20 minutes on my treadmill and now I feel dreadful, plus, and I don't know if any of you guys have this, and it a bit delicate but does anyone else have recurring boils in intimate areas?

I feel as if everything is falling apart help!


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There is a blood test for fibromylagia?

With the exercise, did you feel dreadful just after or afterward full stop? I find that if I feel really bad, I feel worse immediately after exercise, but then considerably better later on. The exercise has most effect when it is quite vigorous.

Good luck - I hope there is a solution on the horizon, but in the meantime please consider the above.


Hi Deifersmum, I felt I needed to reply to your post as I Know what you are going through. Please check my profile for my hypothyroid history to save me waffling on here, but basically I've felt like this for ages but am getting increasingly low and frustrated, I feel rubbish every day and yes the boils of which you speak, I suffer from! I also have keratosis pilaris which is bumpy skin on my arms and backs of legs which appear to have hair trapped inthe follicles. I have problems with psoriasis and patches on my scalp which are inflamed and suffer hair loss. The hair on my scalp seems to grow under my skin which irritates my scalp causing me to scratch at it to release it. I do my best to hide all of the symptoms from the outside world, and probably appear to be a contented, slightly overweight, yummy mummy but my exhaustion and skin problems are making this much harder to continue. I have never mentioned the boils in my pubic area to the GP as I feel that they will just do the usual, "Oh dear" approach. I also get these boils under my armpits from time to time and they are incredibly painful, for these I read that taking Turmeric 3 times daily in warm water helps, and it does appear to, but it makes you gag!! Good luck!!


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